Sunday, March 28, 2010

So, guess who came to dinner??

Mr Mallard aka Bill Duckley. Sans the lovely Feather Ducklear. Mhh is there trouble in that nest? Does Bill have a roving eye?
Is Feather wanting her freedom? Momma says no. They are taking turn eggsitting. Eggsitting? That means... that nest is near by... Hmmm
Gotta go... Se ya later....

sniff, sniff.... snifff
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bichonpawz said...

hahahaha! You are so funny 'vie! Did ya find him???? Or THEM??

rocky-dog said...

mama was mumbling that it's supposed to rain here later today and tomorrow. There a big, really big black clouds in the sky this morning. So why is mama so worried about the rain?? She has to take 20 (yes 20!) white, bichonly pouffy dresses to the skating rink to figure out how short they need to be made. I've been watching her with these dresses -- they look like bichon fluff on the racks in the garage -- at first I thought mama had done something BAD! but it turns out they are just dresses. But mama really hates to have to take dresses out in the rain. And it's gonna rain here BAD -- of course it is, mama also just gave me a bath and comb out! Bwaaaaahahaha!