Monday, March 1, 2010

So, where do I pick up my paycheck?

Yes, it is true. We worked today. See the aprons? We were official. We worked. We put on the "aprons" and went to work.

I am not really sure what was expected of us, but given the whole lack of thumbs thing, I do believe we put in our time to the best of our abilities.
Paris Hilton makes a lot of money as does Kim K doing what we did. You fluff, you prance, and you let 2legged approach you. It is called an "appearance". And I worked it.

First of all, greeting and meeting is not as easy as you think. People expect you to maintain your cuteness factor no matter what it is being said to you. That is very difficult. Imagine keeping your composure while someone is offering your momma money to buy you! AS IF. I wanted to bear teeth and growl, but. I am a professional. You see my expression? Totally hides what I was thinking.

I managed to keep it together. And you can't just look bored. You have to "engage". This is me engaging. As you can see, while I take my responsibilities as rescue ambassador, very seriously...

Other 4leggeds... just don't. This is what we call "crossing the line". Kissy Face Wendy is at it again. I was so embarrassed by her behavior. She saw uncle Phil and she lost it. And not in a good LOST way. No mystery, no drama, just her usual throwing herself at uncle Phil.
I finally had to say something. I mean,

Someone had to do it! After all there are boundaries and etiquette and all that. Do you ever see Kim K do this?
Ok, bad example. But she has a contract and they can't cancel her series ... we don't!

Back to work! Meet and greet! Keep your tongue in your mouth!

Oh life is hard at times.

I really want momma to have a FAQ
sheet: NO we are not for sale. EVER. No we are NOT related. No we do not get bleached. NO, we did not get "bought" we are NOT chattel. Yes, she and our family and friends
can tell us apart! And of course: WE ARE NOT POODLES!

End of the day for us... we left after we
we put in our time. Now all that is left is
to pick up our pay check. Momma,
when does that happen??

working for da man is hard!


Mommy, I'm Home said...

Oh, 'vie, you are so lucky. Our Home Depot won't let poor Chica in the door. They just don't appreciate you 4leggeds like the stores back East...

rocky-dog said...

whoa -- you had to wear APRONS????? I'm certainly glad mama doesn't make me wear one at work for my meet and greet duties. Yes, that is part of my job description. As the Costume Rentals Assistant, I am expected to meet and greet all customers, look cute (how could I not!), and periodically make sure that no rental customers get lost in the stockroom! But Silvie, I don't get a paycheck. Mama says that we work for a non-profit theatre company so I am the resident doggie volunteer (I think that's what it means to work without getting paid). I do get lots of petting and belly rubs and a blitz opportunity everyday so I guess that it all evens out in the end. Every once in a while one of the regular rental customers will bring me a treat and that's good. I will have to send you a copy of my business card so you can see that I'm official.


silvieon4 said...

Chica, my understanding is that pet admission is completely at the discretion of the store manager. Not corporate policy. As we are well behaved and momma says that our money follows us... we often visit Home Depot. If they change policy, we will go elsewhere. This particular store is very nice and they gave us the aprons! Besides, we foster good will. There was a line of people waiting to meet us!

Rocky, we did not have to, but we did. Non profit. Hm. My brother works for a non profit, but he gets a paycheck! {Thank God.} I think that you should renegotiate with your momma. If not a check... maybe some other perks? Ah wait you get the belly rubs! See you do have some good perks. I am envious of your business card. I am trying to talk momma into getting me my own cards. But then JD and Wendy would want in on the act...

Honeygo Beasley said...

OMG, the three of you - with part-time jobs! Your momma sure is going to miss you. I'd make JD do all the workin'. Diva girls stay home! LOL!

whitedogresq said...

I sure would shop in a store with 3such gorgeous babies wearing official store aprons!

Everyone should let the store know how much they enjoy these little ambassadors!

Auntie Robin