Thursday, March 18, 2010

Spring, anyone???

Anyone else reporting signs of Spring??

vigilant 'vie
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rocky-dog said...

oh yes, the cherry trees are all flowering, mama's lilac trees are actually getting flowers and the flowers I LOVE to nibble on (mama's tree peonies from China) are almost here (I can see that they are getting ready to be nibbled on!) And the park guys are cutting grass again, so after our morning walkies, I have to get my legs washed, brushed and dried. I actually didn't have to wear anything other than grass clippings yesterday for St. Patrick's day. And the most definite sign of spring is that mama has put her heavy sheep coat away until next December (she has to wear the sheep coat at work because it is sooooo cold here in the stockroom -- hey EVEN I have a space heater to lay next to during the cold months!) Plus we get to go home from work now and it is still light out which means I get to see my friends at the park again when we do our after dinner walkie!


silvieon4 said...

So it is really here!!!! Yippy!!!!

Mommy, I'm Home said...

It feels like spring here. We've had temps at or near 70 the last few days, but tomorrow it's supposed to snow again so I'm holding off on the pedicure and flip flops...

rocky-dog said...

Well, mama is completely jacket free for the first time since November (she sometimes wears two jackets at a time!). So I think this is a good sign.

And Silvie, little Oscar is hanging in! He is staying with us (and his new mama Mary) and I'm supposed to help him out when I can. It's a good job I think. Oscar seems to like to sit in people's laps and to be held tightly. And he even walked in a straight line for a little bit today. Mama says he is still pretty sick and we don't know how this is all going to turn out, but we will take things one day at a time.