Saturday, March 20, 2010

Do you recognize this Bichon?

You have met me before.
You have seen pictures of me before on this blog.
But the question is, do you recognize me now????

Don't look at my muddy paws! I was outside playing. I play hard, I run and jump and I OWN the yard! And yes I need a haircut, my groomer will be in later today.

Keep looking.
YES you did too see my pictures on this blog before.

I have turned out to be a sweet momma's girl. And ok, I have gained a couple of lbs... and life is good. How is your diet going???

So do you know who I am?

R the miracle Bichon.

'vie the mentor


Mommy, I'm Home said...

Rosie! Is that really you? My goodness, you look good, girl! Chica is up here admiring your photos and asking why she can't have the groomer come to her instead of the having to go to the groomer...

silvieon4 said...

Yes it is me! Thank you, I have been working hard to bring out my Bichoness! Tell Chica that most groomers cringe at the sight of 20 Bichons needing to get groomed. So rather than being taken there, MOBILE GROOMING! They come to White Cottage. I am doing well, but I am apprehensive about leaving Momma Robin. And I think I have her convinced she should be all mine...
Silvieon4 keeps talking about a forever family, sigh...

rocky-dog said...

Wow Silvie, I had forgotten how skinny Rosie started out like -- she almost looked kinda like Oscar looks now! Haven't heard from Oscar since Thursday, so I hope he had a good weekend with Mary. I hope we get to see him on Monday.

Rosie, you go girl! You are looking good!