Sunday, March 21, 2010

DUCK a l'orange?

Mr and Mrs MALLARD are back!
They arrive with spring, every year. Our pool is theirs while they stay.

They are so at home that nothing phases them.

Mr. Mallard never leave the side of his Mrs.

JD is watching and trying to decide what he should and could do.

Get closer for a good sniff. Yup, it's them the Mallards!

He watches. He walks around the pool.

They are still oblivious. Hmm "You guys going to be here for a bit????
I am going in for breakfast. Later..." That pool water is wet and cold...

And you run out of edge very quickly!

"Guys, one request... when my girls come out here, The Wendy and Silvieon4, please make it good, make me look like a hero? Peace out for now."



Mommy, I'm Home said...

Guess those mallards don't care that they are swimming in yucky water, huh? I'd wait for the pool to open before going in myself...

silvieon4 said...

Me too! But they appear to be "fishing" and eating.... ewwww