Thursday, March 25, 2010

Animal Legal Defense Fund : Expose Animal Abusers - Support a Animal Abuser Registry

Animal Legal Defense Fund : Expose Animal Abusers - Support a Animal Abuser Registry

Expose Animal Abusers

Dear Silvieon4,

Your voice is making a difference!

Since the Animal Legal Defense Fund launched our national abuser registry campaign on February 22 -- the same day California Senator Dean Florez announced an abuser registry bill for that state -- legislators from eight states have expressed interest in abuser registries, and Louisiana introduced its own offender registry bill.

The campaign to protect our animals and our families from the most dangerous convicted abusers is picking up steam -- but we still need your help. Encourage your friends and family to sign the petition at today!

Mandatory registration of convicted abusers will help ensure that pet guardians don't unknowingly put their cats and dogs in harm's way. For example, on January 26, Glynn Johnson was convicted in a Riverside, California court for fatally beating his neighbor's puppy, Karley, with a 12-pound rock after the dog had crossed into his yard.

Johnson is scheduled to be sentenced on April 2. Meanwhile, Karley's devastated guardians, Jeff and Shelley Toole, have joined on as spokespeople for ALDF's abuser registry campaign, in hopes that mandatory registration of violent offenders will spare other families the terrible suffering they have endured as a result of Johnson's vicious attack.

12,750 compassionate citizens around the country -- just like you -- have signed the petition at, urging their own lawmakers to sponsor this vital legislation in their own states. Let's keep the momentum going -- spread the word to family and friends now.

Animal abuser registries are a powerful tool to help police and animal shelters better protect our animals. We must do all we can to prevent criminals who have already been convicted of felony animal abuse from again torturing, sexually abusing, or intentionally killing animals.

Thank you for speaking up for animals and supporting an animal abuser registry in your state!


Stephen Wells
Executive Director
Animal Legal Defense Fund
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Speaking out for animals does make a difference!

In the last month, legislators from eight states have expressed interest in abuser registries.

And Louisiana has joined California in introducing its own offender registry bill.

Ask friends and family to speak up for animals today!

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