Friday, March 26, 2010

They are Baaaaackkkk!

Hey guys, the Mallards are back!!!!He is on the deck, we need to go out now and do something.
Get this door open, mommmmmmma!!!

Wendy Pooh thinks we should try a
different approach... but what approach would work?

We need to assert full ownership rights over the whole pool, not just the yard!Ok. Lets do a full out growling blitz.
Intimidate the Mallards!

Does he look even a little ferklempt?

Mh. Ok try barking thinks like "smoked tea duck... duck liver pate...
duck confit..."


"Duck duck goose?"
"What , are you trying to play with it or scare it off?"

You know what... The Mallard is just too stupid to know it is in danger.
Look at it... blissful ignorance, that's what it is...

I am going to get closer and sniff it.

Wet feathers. Smells like wet bird.
When are they
taking this cover off?

That will put an end to this!

Until then... we stare and intimidate!

Stay focused!

How long will this take????
The cushions are not out, my tushy
is getting cold!


1 comment:

Mommy, I'm Home said...

You know, 'vie, the mallards here like to swim in our pool. They don't even care if the swim team is practicing. They just hold their ground and make the swimmers go around them.