Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Face Off

The Mallards are Back! And the three of us are on duty!

JD: "Psssstttt Mallards... remember you promised to make me look good in front of the girls."

Wendy to Silvie: "Well is JD ever going to do something abou them??"

Silvie goes over to nudge JD... :"Go them tiger!"

Silvie "Look I am copying the Mr Mallard! Duck nuzzle!!!!!"

JD "Hush take your positions and hold them until I say go"

Wendy: "What are we doing?"
JD "Blitzing around the pool"
Silvie: "Why?"
JD: "Because anybody with manners will not turn down a blitz invitation and that will get them out of the water..."
"Ohhhhh clever"-Wendy
JD "So at my signal... blitz! Full run and end it on the deck."

Wendy "They look busy, think they will join the blitz? Ohhh okkkkkkkkkkkkk"

The full blitz!

JD..."They blitzed off? Did you see them? Where did they go?"
Wendy "The blitzed in the air!
Silvie "They have no idea how to blitz! Dumb ducks"


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Mommy, I'm Home said...

Oh, those silly ducks. Maybe you can give them a blitz lesson when they come back. Start out slow, though. Don't want to scare them away again.