Thursday, March 25, 2010

"MUTT" CENSUS for 4leggeds

As your 2leggeds get ready to fill out the census, you should advise them that you too, 4legged could participate in you very own census. You read it right.


Honeygo Beasley said...

We pawticipated, thanks!

- Chloe

Marshmallow said...

My mama just pawticipated for me and my brothers. The rules say it's only for mixed breeds, but she filled it out anyway. Why are they trying to segregate us by breed? Aren't all dogs, by definition, awesome?! (although us Bichons do have a slight advantage in the beauty department, IMO :) )

BTW, that mallard family in your pool has some nerve! I hope your blitzing scares them away for good!


silvieon4 said...

Marshmallow!! How have you been? We have been on duty all day. Get this, nervy Mr Mallard has trained momma to feed Mrs Mallard... they tap the french doors for food. :( Momma feeds them!
Don't know about the breedists, but I don't really trust dog food companies... as you know, my meals are cooked fresh daily, I mean this is why I have staff, this is why I am BICHON!!!

Marshmallow said...

Hi Silvie! I am fine. Mama (and the vet) says I have 12 MORE weeks of quiet time. Grrrr.

Those mallards! They must be really stupid if they're not terrified of the 3 of you! Maybe we need to mobilize an army of fluffs to scare them away. We are BICHON, hear us roar!