Monday, March 22, 2010

Ziggy is looking for BROOKLYN

Hi, my name is Ziggy. I am a Tidewater Bichon Frise grad (<~~click here to se my Preadoption pic) who was lucky enough to get a great forever family.[<~~ click here to see my post adoption pic] Now, one of my family members is missing and I am worried to death, so I have asked Silvieon4 if I could post on her blog and put out an APB.

Yes, he is family. Those are his pictures. Yes, I know he is a cat and I love him very much.

We live in the 23505 zip code area. His name is Brooklyn , he is a male and has a microchip. Last time we saw him was Tuesday of last week. We notified Home Again and they sent out notification to all vets and shelters in our area. We went back to Norfolk SPCA where I filed a report, but he is not there. I am very worried about my best friend. Please feel free to cross post, reprint and distribute this blog entry, with pictures. I just want my Brooklyn back. Brooklyn, please come home!

If you know where Brooklyn is, please contact

You never know how much you miss someone, until they are gone...

a sad Ziggy.

Guys- I can't stand to see Ziggy sad.
If you know anyone in that area code ask them to be on the look out for Brooklyn. His family is missing him a lot.

Thank you. 'vie

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Vickie said...

Ziggy, thinking of you and your family, and hope you find Brooklyn soon! We are all worried. Keep us posted.

Love, Vickie, your former foster bichon sister and Tidewater Bichon Frise grad.