Friday, May 29, 2009

What do you mean groomer day?????

There we were about to start our day. Looking over the back forties as daddy says, and as always JD is looking for Bubba next door so he can start his fence patrol and out macho the 80+ lb Golden... every other little guy has delusions... let's leave it at that, shall we?

We are contemplating our last "accidental run" on the pool cover because it comes off today. All an all it is starting out like a good day. Love having daddy home. Love having momma home. Love"normal life".

Then momma lets it slip... "Groomer day today..." WHAAAATTTT????

Now I really am depressed. WHY groomer day? I smell great, I look great what is this obsession the 2 leggeds have to groom???

Thanx Wendy Pooh... Hope your roll in the mulch was worth it. We are all getting groomed.. TODAY. ICK. Hey geniuses, has anyone looked at the forecast? Rain for the next 5 days, so reconsider your grooming plans, cause rain=mud=frizz=wasted grooming.... just saying....


Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Happy 4 mo LAYLA!

This is Layla, you guys. She is 4 months old and ohh that wild fur just makes me nostalgic for my puppyhood.

Alas now I must assume my role as mentor and role model. It is the circle of life you know.

Layla, darling, soon your forever family will find you and claim you and until then it is your job to learn, learn, learn. Your foster momma is a very nice lady. Just pace yourself. Don't pull all your pranks at once. Your foster brothers will not get you. 1. you are a girl. 2. you are in it for the fun. 3. I am sure that you are an attention magnet.... they probably don't like that. Been there, done that!

Baby girl, not sure if anyone has explained to you how lucky you are to have been rescued.
You are lucky. Tidewater Bichon Frise Rescue will absolutely find you the best forever home.
I hear my momma talk to auntie Robin and I know what screening process they have in place for applying adopters. Just chill and do your puppy job - learn. And most important of all, stay true to your Bichon nature. Be happy, stay healthy, learn to give kisses and enjoy your belly rubs. Endure your groomings because the pay off is a whole lot of petting and loving.

Mhhh. Have you been teething? What have you chewed up so far?

xoxoxox, you can call me any time
your friend

[ohh I feel OLD! Going to check for white hairs.... hahahahaha]

Monday, May 25, 2009

Odd.... They left the most important out!

List of famous trinities
The following is a list of famous famous trinities, trios, troikas, triumvirates, triplets or threesomes--groups of three people (living, dead or fictional), places, or things, unless identified otherwise.

* April, May and June
* The Bee Gees
* The Black Tri-Stars (The Black Trinary): MS-09 Dom mobile suit pilot team (Gaia, Ortega, and Mash) in Mobile Suit Gundam
* The Brothers Karamazov
* Faith, Hope and Charity, the three Cardinal Virtues. ('Charity' is given as 'Love' in some translations.)
* The Charmed Ones (Charmed)
* Cream
* The Dahm Triplets
* The Del Rubio Triplets
* The Divine Comedy
* Emerson, Lake and Palmer
* Einstein, Podolsky, Rosen
* The Fates
* First Triumvirate
* The Furies
* The Goodies
* The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
* The Goons (after Michael Bentine's departure)
* Holy Trinity
* Huey, Dewey and Louie
* Kepler's laws of planetary motion
* Mary, Mungo and Midge (children's cartoon characters)
* Movie trilogy
* My Three Sons
* NBC Mystery Movie
* Newton's laws of motion
* Peter, Paul and Mary
* The Punic Wars
* Red, Green and Blue
* Ridings of Yorkshire
* Rush
* Second Triumvirate
* Tinker and Evers and Chance
* Three-act structure
* The three branches of the United States Government
* The Three Colors Trilogy (French films)
* The Three Graces
* The Three Heads of Cerberus
* The Three Jewels
* The Three Jewel Temples of Korea
* The Three Kingdoms (when China had three rival kingdoms)
* The Three Musketeers
* The Three Little Pigs
* Threepeat
* Three Rings of the Elves
* The Three R's
* The Three Stooges
* Three-strikes law
* The Three Tenors
* The Three Unities
* The Three Wise Men
* The Three Wise Monkeys ("Hear no evil...")
* The Three Witches in Macbeth
* Tinker and Evers and Chance
* The Tricolor (flag of France and many other countries)
* Trimurti
* Triple Alliance
* Triple border
* Triple Crown
* Triple Goddess
* Les Triplettes de Belleville (French animated movie, aka Belleville Rendez-vous)
* ZZ Top

BUT Wait! That list in not all inclusive! They left the most important trio out! Look!

The three of US: JD, WENDY and SILVIEON4!!!!

Now it is almost complete....

Unionize. IT IS TIME to unionize!

Recent events have given me an idea. Part of the problem with our two leggeds is that there is no baseline for what is tolerable treatment of a wonderful Bichon. We are literally at the mercy of the 2 legged's "best" judgment. [nuff said about that....] Maybe, just maybe... the time has come for the AFL-CIO to allow joinder of a new union. United Bichon Frises Federation= UBFF !!!!!BFF in short! BFF would set out acceptable guidelines for 2 leggeds to follow. No more vacation/conferences... trips to the beach... without the Bichons. At the very least we need to be able to negotiate what is acceptable! You know... bargain. Get something in return. It is all about empowerment. 2leggeds love rules. Structured rules would take the arbitrary guessing out of the relationship.
As this is a big undertaking, I will need help from all Bichons out there.
Are you with me?

Norma 'vie
BFF rep at large.

I LOVE my Wendy

Sometimes little things that happen remind you that you need to show appreciation for the ones you love. My Wendy is my best friend. She keeps my secrets, she keeps me company, she comforts me and she plays with me. This morning, I could not find her. She was outside and I didn't know. For a second I got scared. I really thought she was gone! But she was just outside.
I had to tell her that I love her and kissing her was a good way! She is MY Wendy!!!! Do you have a "Wendy" Go tell her you love her!

Wendy's lil' sis

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Potential REPLACEMENTS and considering options

Following my recent "abandonment"... a conference... vacation... whatever...

I've decided to stop sitting on my paws and start exploring my options. Should this occur again, I want momma to know I am contemplating some other options.

I will not simply live without a momma, ya know? So, in light of my abandonment, I'm considering replacement options. Yes, you read that right. I've complied a list of candidates and I would really appreciate your input.

Potential momma #1: Martha Stewart
  • Pros: Cooks like momma, keeps a very clean house, designs pillows for me to chew on
  • Cons: Ex-con, probably too busy to rub the bells very much, will get mad if I chew on her pillows.
Potential momma #2: Paula Abdul
  • Pros: won't notice if I chew on her pillows, will always compliment my outfits
  • Cons: possibly on drugs, will make me wear outfits
Potential momma #3: Michelle Obama
  • Pros: really good fetch-throwing arm, bigger house, private chef, close to dowi and adam
  • Cons: give up all my privacy, have to share attention, have to pose for photos all the time (see how that's a con, future ex-momma?)
Potential momma #4: Kate Gosselin
  • Pros: 20 hands for petting (or 18?), tons of toys, getting to do interviews where I answer off-camera producers' questions
  • Cons: 20 hands for bugging me, maybe not the most stable home?
Potential momma #5: Paula Deen
  • Pros: great cook like momma, fun accent, I can give dowi one of the Paula's hot sons for her birthday
  • Cons: rich foods might spoil my girlish figure, I think her sons are married, will make up funny nicknames for me like, "honey-butt sugarpie". Also, tells weird stories about goats.
So, what do you guys think? Anyone have any other good suggestions?

Auntie Robin, I am also considering you, but ... is Dude always going to be your fav????

free agently,

Saturday, May 23, 2009

TOY box issues and such

I have 3 large toy boxes. One upstairs, one downstairs and one outside. The one outside has my pool toys and Frisbees and stuff I only see when I go out. The one upstairs is very big and the one downstairs is overstuffed. I like playing toy drop. It works like this. You stand on the top of the steps and drop the toys one at the time from the upstairs toy box to downstairs. I love making the landing a carpet of toys! But... that is a strange upsetting trigger for the 2leggeds. Something about danger and not fair and lots of angry sounds which make no sense. Momma asks me if I expect her to fly. ???? I don't. Can she fly??? What does that have to do with my carpet of toys?

With Adam I played "no you don't". He took the Wendy and the JD out to the back yard and left me inside. [ All this because I was busy when he called us. - I am soooo rolling my eyes and shaking my head] Well, what's a girl to do to make a point? For every minute I was waiting to go out I ... took out a toy or two.I guess it was a very long wait... because when he finally came in to get me...the toy box downstairs was empty and... I was heading upstairs. He was NOT happy. They are MY TOYS. I took them all out of my toy box. What was his problem????

Anyway, while he did help me put the stuff away, some toys... "escaped" our efforts. I am talking about you pink monkey....[ always a trouble giver that one...]

Two minutes into her homecoming and of course momma had to ask about the toys. Why pink monkey and ... OK... a... few others had "taken up residence" under the wing chair... [Momma is OCD about neatness. I am not sure what OCD is, but I hear she is]

Yes- I put the toys away. Momma "fixed" my efforts. [OCD]. She said toy salad looks messy.
Salad? Is that an insult? Oh boy.... humans... confusing and complicated.

BTW, Adam made a priceless face when he finally came and got me. He looked around and his mouth dropped open and his eyes got big and he could not speak. It was AWSOME!!!!

[mhhh note to moi. Do that again and see if you can duplicate reaction.]

I love toys!

Friday, May 22, 2009

They are back!!!!!

MHHHHH. Having a hard time waking up this morning. In the middle of the night, momma and daddy came home! My world is back to normal. It was wonderful to be cuddled by momma, but I'm still mad at her. She said that she had to go with daddy to his "conference". Mhhh. The have telephones for those! I am mad still, a little hurt still...But they are home! And by the way, she hasn't been near another dog. That I know for sure 'cause I sniffed her out.

OOOps... I guess I better go clean up my toy box. Momma doesn't put up with the kind of "games" that I've been playing on Adam.. And if I don't show her I am good, I really won't get to go "vacation" with her next time. What does one vacation from anyway? Vacation... vacate... leave??? Why???

I'm coming momma. I know, I know.... the toy box....

whole again

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

My Abandonment, Day Three

(Self Portrait 1)


Sonnet 7

Let me not spend days without rubs of bells
and chews to chew and squirrels to chase. I dream
of yummy snacks and a kitchen full of smells
but I wake alone, and want for ice cream.
O k!, maybe I don't really wake alone
but the ice cream part is true. I really miss
the momma's funny words and her coffee's foam
At least I have a chew and Wendy's face to kiss.
I hope my momma comes back here one day
JD swears she will, and we'll all be ok.


Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Adam is very very fun... TO MESS WITH!!!!!!!!!!


Here are some of the fun games we've been playing:
  • Musical Meal Time: It's a little like musical chairs. JD, Wendy, and I happily gobble up each others' food but refuse to eat our own.
  • Harrrrummmppphhh: I wait until he looks like he's really involved with what he's doing, then harumph as loud as I can. I repeat until he can't focus and is forced to rub my belly. (see picture)
  • Monopoly: Just the regular board game. It's so much more fun without dowi there to cheat. (Why do you people keep letting her be the banker?! We all know she is going to cheat!)
  • Human chew toy: It's a role-playing game. I play the role of chewy puppy, he plays the role of my human chew toy.
  • Hide and Seek: JD, Wendy, and I hide in the yard and refuse to come in until Adam seeks us.
  • GIMMIE GIMMIE GIMMIE: This game is played at meal time. I whimper and throw myself around so he thinks I'm dying to have whatever he's eating. When he gives me a taste, I sniff it walk away. Then return a minute later and repeat.
  • Bite the Nose: Hey, he invented this game. It's fun! I wait until he is sleeping then I bite his nose.
  • Hidden Surprise: Adam hasn't discovered this one yet, so I can't tell you. You have to wait until he puts on his shoes! ;)
It's not that I don't love you Adam. And I'm thrilled to have you home. I just have to teach momma a lesson. Puppies like vacations too. And petting requires two hands.


Sunday, May 17, 2009

So this is how you want to play?


I don't see you anywhere. Maybe you don't realize you left me behind? Where did you go? Why did you leave me home?

I love Adam, but...but... but...

WHAT?!?! You went on vacation??? That's what JD says!

This is NOT cool. If this is your idea of fair... be prepared for my idea of a chew toy!
Guys, substitute teacher rules apply! Let the chips fall where they may. Adam, sorry, but nothing personal with is personal with you momma,

I am NOT just going to roll over! (well, maybe once for a belly rub)

alone and abandoned,

Friday, May 15, 2009

To JD and Wendy

I just wanted you to know I would protect you both

I love you

I love frozen fruit bars!

Raspberry pink, just like my tongue right now! Soooooo yummy. Easy to make. Momma takes fresh fruit, she cleans it, schmushes it [it is too a word! That is the noise the machine makes when she turns it on....Schmooosh] then it gets to nap in the freezer for a bit and then... YUM. It is the best tasting ice, ever! I love hot weather as long as to eat this!

And I love tingly tongue syndrome.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Just 'tween US

Wendy: "Just between us girls.... Look at him! Just who does he think he is? Rin Tin Tin?
Ever since they put that neck thing on him he is so full of hot air!"
Silvie: "The vanity in that dog is incredible! And he talks about us girls being vane!"

Wendy:"I am going to ignore him - play along OK?"
Silvie: "OK, this should get interesting very fast... la di da di da" [looking away putting on the bored look]

JD: "Whaaaaatever, when you're hot you're hot and when you're not you're not. I am HOT"

Still ignoring him

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Boss still not on board with meditation?

Well show him/her this article!

Some 2 leggeds have a hard time evolving...


Meditation is the path to CREATIVITY

Meditation as a path to creativity


Really??? You "thought" I was sleeping? Hahahahahaha.. Obviously you need to read about meditation.

I am creative. I owe much of that to my meditation practices. And, in case you are wondering that is the "twisted phoenix" pose I invented based on Yogurt principles. Yes , yogurt. I like yogurt. Yoga? Nahh I like yogurt better, thank you. Yogurt teaches to sit and curdle and fully actualize. Now you know. I am curdling to actualize. Notice the paws up? Phoenix- rising out of the ashes of my temporary rut. The "twist" allows my chakra points to align. I know about these things. Twisted phoenix works well.

You are welcome, and yes, you can try it. Show this to your boss. Your "curdling" would be a great asset to the company. I am sure. Try it. what do you have to lose?

Yogurt master

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Oh, and I forgot to mention...

Did you happen to see my guestbook? Rocky Carr added his pic. Ok, that is one handsome dude.
Wendy paws off. I called dibs.

Rocky you are a perrrrrfect Bichon!

and he lives so far away....

Hey LADY LUCK , what's UP????

Do you feel lucky??? Ever heard of the luck of the Bichon?? You can bet on me!!!

And if you win I have about 10000000000000 suggestions on what you can buy me!


Monday, May 11, 2009

Rainy days and MONDAYS...


Forgive my un"combed" look.
It is a Monday, and it is a rainy day. A two-fer. Hold me and let me sleep. No? Why not? I don't understand busy. Ok then I vote we stay in bed. Really. I could spent a few hours snuggled and warm, getting an occasional belly rub. JD is tired too! He agrees with me. See?

Look, I am a Bichon, while I want to be your companion all the time, I am tired. Soooo, how about breakfast in bed and then you let me snooze while you do your thing in the bedroom.
I know you like to rearrange stuff and dust and whatever.... Just let me have a few more blissful moments before you start the week.

No, don't let frisbee cat loose. It makes noise. Do quiet things. Can't you just enjoy the sound of the rain and the dolce far niente which rightfully belongs to a rainy monday?

Not to take advantage of this is criminal...

Snuggle me now

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Momma's DAY

In honor of momma's day, I collected this list of things that I love about my momma. (Please note, I may have had some help from JD, Wendy, and my human siblings.)

I love my momma because she:
1. cancels her plans to take care of me when I'm sick.
2. is the only one in the family that understands that petting requires TWO hands. (ahem.)
3. usually smells like cookies.
4. makes the "brrrrp" noise when dowi fast-forwards the dvr.
5. loved Star Trek before it was cool.
6. makes us try new things when we don't want to
7. only gloats a little when we love the things she makes us try
8. has broken her computer considerably less in the past year
9. happily lets dowi borrow her expensive jewelery/bag/whatever (and let's face it, that girl isn't very responsible.)
10. has excellent taste in cheese
11. does a french manicure better than any salon -- and on herself! I want one too!!!
12. forgives pups and people when they mess up
13. makes seafood lasagna (HINT HINT ---dori)
14. remembers to rub my bewwi after a minimum of crying
15. knows the most swearwords (in the most languages) of anyone we know
shares her pillow, sometimes when she's awake
invented the art of pawssage
18. does not bite my nose (adam...)
19. seafood. fricken. lasagna.
20. kicks butt at slot machines
21. has excellent taste in accessories (hey, no fair! she never lets me taste her accessories)
22. lets me watch animal planet as much as I want
23. takes us on fun rides
24. can fly
25. is the only person dowi likes to shop with
26. does everything she can to help other pups find homes
27. has coined her own catchphrases, even if they don't always make sense (you're nowhere.)
28. gives me the foam off her cappuccino
29. always let's me taste what she is cooking
30. makes everyone around her a little more adventurous
31. liked sushi before it was cool
32. can rock a hat
33. can (and will) talk to anyone
34. pulls very important fortune cookies out of the trash
35. believes kids and pets over teachers and vets
36. would win at monopoly if dowi didn't cheat so much
37. makes the world's best cheesecakes
38. jumps around and plays with me
39. takes me swimming when it's warm
40. protects me from strangers
41. mmm.. seafood lasagna... (really dowi? obsess much?)
42. is fun to talk to and whimper at
43. liked fancy coffee before it was cool
44. holds me when crowds make me nervous
45. looks at least 10 years younger than her actual age
46. cooks special food for JD everyday because he is allergic to everything
47. was never bitten by a radioactive spider
48. works her butt off to take care of all of us
49. is really fun to play, "that's your boyfriend" and "man of your dreams" with
50. she fought hard to make sure I got to live here. I'm very happy she did; I love my family!

lucky me,

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Happy B day Chanel!!!!

World's oldest dog: Chanel!

Honey you don't look a day over 16!

Happy Birthday!

Our first blogging AWARD!

Thank you, very much! Chloe and momma are one of our favorite reads!

I will be compiling my list of other deserving pet bloggers... to pass on the honor, so, stay tuned!

:))) 'vie

Monday, May 4, 2009

Ciao ciao.. HELP

People who are bicultural and speak two languages may actually shift their personalities when they switch from one language to another, according to new research in the Journal of Consumer Research.

"Language can be a cue that activates different culture-specific frames," write David Luna (Baruch College), Torsten Ringberg, and Laura A. Peracchio (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee).
You humans are so complicated!!

That explains so much! Momma has multiple personalities and now I know why. And, more to the point... I need to keep her in Italian mode. She feeds, she "coos" and she rubs bellies and sings lullabies in her Italian persona.

Must keep the American persona away. She disciplines and she scolds in English. And she quotes auntie Robin on the evils of snacking...

We can allow the French in. She bakes in that mode. And the Eritrean is ok, specially if she is counting stuff, but seriously, I have to devise ways of keeping her in the Italian mode.

How do I do that??? Any ideas? Should I suddenly develop a love for Opera? [Brrrrr]

Do I only respond to her when she speaks Italian to me? That I can do...

Oh... I could develop an Italian attitude. Carry my tail with panache... and call everyone "bella" "cara" or roll my eyes and say "Ma, va la`".

I need ideas!!! Help!

Disperata in cerca del mio senso Italiano
desperately seeking my Italian sense


Dowiiiii I need THIS Added to my Amazon list. please?

sign me always PINK

Spring ... Reverse sneezing and POLLEN dust

Ahh, and another week starts. I know that it is Monday because daddy went to the work place, without moi....again. Why does he keep doing that? I think he goes there because he gets to play with other dogs, or something.

Yesterday we had a grand day out with both momma and daddy. It was really a pretty good Sunday. 'Cept... the pollen. The yellow dusty pollen that covers everything outside and makes everyone sneeze and wheeze. JD get drippy eyes. Wendy too, and she reverse sneezes, momma sneezes and wheezes, me... I sneeze. Apparently my sneezes are funny. I am not laughing. The fact that my ears flop forward is apparently funny to "some". Momma wants me to take baby Benadyl. Have you tasted that stuff? IIIIIICK! Yesterday she bought the tablets so the taste is not so bad.
Keep in mind that itching is the most common allergic reaction for dogs. Sneezing is a much more specific allergy reaction. In my case we think that pollen is the trigger. So, I get wiped down with a damp paper towel when I come in from outside. It seems to work. And a short soak of my paws in water with epsom salt stops any paw itching. ACTUALLY I just like all that attention and it feels good.... So much for them laughing at me...Who is laughing now?

I don't laugh at momma's 12 consecutive sneezes! [When she starts, it is a full "run" before she stops.] OK I do laugh at her, but I am discreet about it. I don't point. And when she blows her nose she is noisy! For that little nose she makes loud sounds! Honestly she sounds like a the horn of a truck.

Wendy's and JD's reverse sneezes scare the daylights out of momma who immediately grabs them, holds their muzzle and blows into it. It is really strange to watch. And really strange to hear that honking sound coming out of them.

So much for allergies. Momma got some local honey [wonder if our relocated bees are making it???] and now we get a bit of honey in our yogurt. I must say I really did not want to even try it at first. But, I have and I like it??? It is sticky sweet.
Local honey helps build immunity to local pollens. And... while on topic... Wendy, stop trying to lick it off my face! [Some dogs do not respect boundaries]

So, who is sneezing, itching, couching, scratching at your house???


Saturday, May 2, 2009

I need a polar bear

Because I am bored and I have to wait and wait and wait, I have been cruising the web.
This caught my attention: polar bear and dog.
Momma, I want a polar bear! I could play with one when you are busy. [like all the time, it seems...] I don't want or need the snow though. I don't like that stuff. But I have thought about it and I have a good solution for the bear! We have a pool, we could just throw ice cubes in it and the polar bear would be happy.

And, can you make sure that the polar bear likes to play?



Dowi was here, today she would take me for a long long walk and I would NOT be bored.
Momma promised me a walk, but -not yet- she says... frumpt.

IF Adam was here I would be getting a belly rub. Momma promised me one... but -later- she said.

Why is everything later and not now?

I think momma needs to play more an work less. I am available to play. And now is a very good time...ANd it is SATURDAY!!!! Sooo let's play!

Willing, ready and able to do anything other than sit!

Friday, May 1, 2009

TGI Friday !

AWEEEEE moments to start your weekend.

or... something like this:

Cute, yes, and despite his assertions that "He comes in peace... " he is some sort of cat, so you are safer petting ME!

who only licks you to death

{hm. Baby Ocelot?!!! is there a baby Ocesome? or Ocenone? What's an "Oce" anyway???}