Monday, May 4, 2009

Spring ... Reverse sneezing and POLLEN dust

Ahh, and another week starts. I know that it is Monday because daddy went to the work place, without moi....again. Why does he keep doing that? I think he goes there because he gets to play with other dogs, or something.

Yesterday we had a grand day out with both momma and daddy. It was really a pretty good Sunday. 'Cept... the pollen. The yellow dusty pollen that covers everything outside and makes everyone sneeze and wheeze. JD get drippy eyes. Wendy too, and she reverse sneezes, momma sneezes and wheezes, me... I sneeze. Apparently my sneezes are funny. I am not laughing. The fact that my ears flop forward is apparently funny to "some". Momma wants me to take baby Benadyl. Have you tasted that stuff? IIIIIICK! Yesterday she bought the tablets so the taste is not so bad.
Keep in mind that itching is the most common allergic reaction for dogs. Sneezing is a much more specific allergy reaction. In my case we think that pollen is the trigger. So, I get wiped down with a damp paper towel when I come in from outside. It seems to work. And a short soak of my paws in water with epsom salt stops any paw itching. ACTUALLY I just like all that attention and it feels good.... So much for them laughing at me...Who is laughing now?

I don't laugh at momma's 12 consecutive sneezes! [When she starts, it is a full "run" before she stops.] OK I do laugh at her, but I am discreet about it. I don't point. And when she blows her nose she is noisy! For that little nose she makes loud sounds! Honestly she sounds like a the horn of a truck.

Wendy's and JD's reverse sneezes scare the daylights out of momma who immediately grabs them, holds their muzzle and blows into it. It is really strange to watch. And really strange to hear that honking sound coming out of them.

So much for allergies. Momma got some local honey [wonder if our relocated bees are making it???] and now we get a bit of honey in our yogurt. I must say I really did not want to even try it at first. But, I have and I like it??? It is sticky sweet.
Local honey helps build immunity to local pollens. And... while on topic... Wendy, stop trying to lick it off my face! [Some dogs do not respect boundaries]

So, who is sneezing, itching, couching, scratching at your house???



Honeygo Beasley said...

does the honey help with allergies? i can't figure out why I am not having such horrendous allergies as i had two years past, even tho' there's just as much pollen (it's baaaaad here!). chloe doesn't seem to mind. we try to walk on leash where the evergreens are and steer away from the sidewalks that have all the green dust. that seems to help ... or maybe it's my two cups of afternoon coffee and long workouts on the treadmill that are clearing my sinuses ... go figure. i was the one who always had the problem, not chloe. but i can certainly sympathize ... pollen allergies are NO fun to have to suffer though. try to wear a scarf on your head when you go out and don't trek the pollen in on shoes and keep windows closed (i do those things, too). but i am sure you know all that.

silvieon4 said...

Yes the honey does help, it acts like a booster shot. Allergies are cyclical. Your immune system will gear up and concomitant allergies will kick in... so it is never constant. Spirulina helps and omega tabs help. For me, a walk by the ocean is the best help. The iodine will immediately clear my allergies. And vacuum vacuum vacuum...

rocky-dog said...

Hi Silvie -- mama has the allergies too -- she can't breath too well so when she lays down I hop on her chest to help push the old air out. She doesn't think thats so much fun though right now. She has this thingy called an inhaler that she sucks on every now and then. Mama says she hate birch trees. Plus a lot of people here at work are sick with that flu thing that everyone seems worried about. I myself seem to be doing okay but I am a bit itchy.

Mama asked me to ask you how big you want your princess cushion for your stroller to be. She's getting ready to clean up all the left over white velvet lycra.

I'll ask mama to try the honey thing this week.

your paw-pal -- Rocky

Honeygo Beasley said...

Gotta pick up some more honey! I am out - thanks!

Psst, I gave you an award:
click here.

silvieon4 said...

Hi Rocky, so sorry to hear your momma has allergies too. Mold is the bad one around here. And after a good rain... mold is everywhere outside! My stroller is 27x 22 so anything smaller than that would be fine. I feel guilty for making your momma work! Seriously, tell me what your favs are and I will put my momma to work. She is a really good baker.