Friday, May 22, 2009

They are back!!!!!

MHHHHH. Having a hard time waking up this morning. In the middle of the night, momma and daddy came home! My world is back to normal. It was wonderful to be cuddled by momma, but I'm still mad at her. She said that she had to go with daddy to his "conference". Mhhh. The have telephones for those! I am mad still, a little hurt still...But they are home! And by the way, she hasn't been near another dog. That I know for sure 'cause I sniffed her out.

OOOps... I guess I better go clean up my toy box. Momma doesn't put up with the kind of "games" that I've been playing on Adam.. And if I don't show her I am good, I really won't get to go "vacation" with her next time. What does one vacation from anyway? Vacation... vacate... leave??? Why???

I'm coming momma. I know, I know.... the toy box....

whole again


Honeygo Beasley said...

Did you clean your toy box?
Mine is clean. My momma put my toys away in it this morning. But I plan to take it all apart soon ...

Have fun this weekend.

rocky-dog said...

phffft, I'm not allowed to take out any toys today -- someone is coming to do a stimate on cleaning all the carpets -- John-daddy says it's my fault cuz I peed on the carpets when i was little and then when I don't like mama being gone and maybe sometimes at night when its raining really hard outside.

And I'm supposed to be helping mama clean her sewing room today so we can FIND the floor -- I see the floor -- its where it's always been -- how come mama cannot see it??? I don't understand at all