Monday, May 25, 2009

I LOVE my Wendy

Sometimes little things that happen remind you that you need to show appreciation for the ones you love. My Wendy is my best friend. She keeps my secrets, she keeps me company, she comforts me and she plays with me. This morning, I could not find her. She was outside and I didn't know. For a second I got scared. I really thought she was gone! But she was just outside.
I had to tell her that I love her and kissing her was a good way! She is MY Wendy!!!! Do you have a "Wendy" Go tell her you love her!

Wendy's lil' sis


rocky-dog said...

Silvie -- you are soooo lucky that you have a Wendy at home. John-daddy says that one doggie in the house is more than enough (apparently John-daddy is not too enthusiastic about us 4leggeds!) so I will probably never have a Wendy of my own. Mama has said that I can have her toy 4leggeds that look like me, but it's really not the same. I do have lots of 4legged friends that I see at the park but there is no one at home to cuddle with. Mama tries to make up for that but you know how it is.

I would be honored if you would be my friend on Facebook. Mama has set up a page for me and we've been inviting other friends, but I don't know how to invite you. If you would like to be my friend would you visit my facebook (rocky carr in silicon valley, ca) and say you want to be my friend.

your paw pal -- Rocky-dog

ps, JD and Wendy can also be my friends if they would like!


silvieon4 said...

Note to John Daddy. Sir, have you ever allowed yourself to be loved ny a little girl Bichon? I know you really think Rocky belongs to his momma, but have you ever considered your very own fluff muffin? {batting my eyes here, it works on all males!}
My daddy melts when his girls attack him with kisses. He used to be the kind that thought one 4 legged was wayyy too much. I do the best snuggle into his neck and he really melts.
I will look at facebook, since I am not familiar, I will figure it out and do my best to join. You can borrow my Wendy for snuggles.
She really is very very sweet and gentle. I kind of... idolize her. Silvieon4