Sunday, May 10, 2009

Momma's DAY

In honor of momma's day, I collected this list of things that I love about my momma. (Please note, I may have had some help from JD, Wendy, and my human siblings.)

I love my momma because she:
1. cancels her plans to take care of me when I'm sick.
2. is the only one in the family that understands that petting requires TWO hands. (ahem.)
3. usually smells like cookies.
4. makes the "brrrrp" noise when dowi fast-forwards the dvr.
5. loved Star Trek before it was cool.
6. makes us try new things when we don't want to
7. only gloats a little when we love the things she makes us try
8. has broken her computer considerably less in the past year
9. happily lets dowi borrow her expensive jewelery/bag/whatever (and let's face it, that girl isn't very responsible.)
10. has excellent taste in cheese
11. does a french manicure better than any salon -- and on herself! I want one too!!!
12. forgives pups and people when they mess up
13. makes seafood lasagna (HINT HINT ---dori)
14. remembers to rub my bewwi after a minimum of crying
15. knows the most swearwords (in the most languages) of anyone we know
shares her pillow, sometimes when she's awake
invented the art of pawssage
18. does not bite my nose (adam...)
19. seafood. fricken. lasagna.
20. kicks butt at slot machines
21. has excellent taste in accessories (hey, no fair! she never lets me taste her accessories)
22. lets me watch animal planet as much as I want
23. takes us on fun rides
24. can fly
25. is the only person dowi likes to shop with
26. does everything she can to help other pups find homes
27. has coined her own catchphrases, even if they don't always make sense (you're nowhere.)
28. gives me the foam off her cappuccino
29. always let's me taste what she is cooking
30. makes everyone around her a little more adventurous
31. liked sushi before it was cool
32. can rock a hat
33. can (and will) talk to anyone
34. pulls very important fortune cookies out of the trash
35. believes kids and pets over teachers and vets
36. would win at monopoly if dowi didn't cheat so much
37. makes the world's best cheesecakes
38. jumps around and plays with me
39. takes me swimming when it's warm
40. protects me from strangers
41. mmm.. seafood lasagna... (really dowi? obsess much?)
42. is fun to talk to and whimper at
43. liked fancy coffee before it was cool
44. holds me when crowds make me nervous
45. looks at least 10 years younger than her actual age
46. cooks special food for JD everyday because he is allergic to everything
47. was never bitten by a radioactive spider
48. works her butt off to take care of all of us
49. is really fun to play, "that's your boyfriend" and "man of your dreams" with
50. she fought hard to make sure I got to live here. I'm very happy she did; I love my family!

lucky me,


silvieon4 said...

Thank you guys, I love you too. Momma

Honeygo Beasley said...

Wow, those are LOTS of things to love about your Momma. Yes, I agree that petting takes two hands.
You sure are a lucky gal to have your Momma!