Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Meditation is the path to CREATIVITY

Meditation as a path to creativity


Really??? You "thought" I was sleeping? Hahahahahaha.. Obviously you need to read about meditation.

I am creative. I owe much of that to my meditation practices. And, in case you are wondering that is the "twisted phoenix" pose I invented based on Yogurt principles. Yes , yogurt. I like yogurt. Yoga? Nahh I like yogurt better, thank you. Yogurt teaches to sit and curdle and fully actualize. Now you know. I am curdling to actualize. Notice the paws up? Phoenix- rising out of the ashes of my temporary rut. The "twist" allows my chakra points to align. I know about these things. Twisted phoenix works well.

You are welcome, and yes, you can try it. Show this to your boss. Your "curdling" would be a great asset to the company. I am sure. Try it. what do you have to lose?

Yogurt master


rocky-dog said...

Miss Silvie -- that actually looks quite comfortable -- I often sleep, um , meditate in a similar position when I'm at work. Makes the time pass while mama is sorting costumes or getting thing put away.

I think something must have happened today because my Tanya and my Nina as well as Our Jill all came down to our stockroom to help go through all the filled up rackes More and more stuff just keeps coming. My Tanya brought 5 laundry basket full of shoes to me. Of course the were for me. Huh? mama -- I was supposed to help put them away??? I was um, meditating -- see, just like Silvie

your paw-pal Rocky-dog

silvieon4 said...

Shoes. Ohhh my momma loves those things. I just don't get the lure of them. Meditation.... love it, but they keep interrupting me!

Honeygo Beasley said...

I get it now - Yogurt position, works for me! Works for you. Curdling ...

We sure have our wheys, we bichons.