Thursday, May 14, 2009

Just 'tween US

Wendy: "Just between us girls.... Look at him! Just who does he think he is? Rin Tin Tin?
Ever since they put that neck thing on him he is so full of hot air!"
Silvie: "The vanity in that dog is incredible! And he talks about us girls being vane!"

Wendy:"I am going to ignore him - play along OK?"
Silvie: "OK, this should get interesting very fast... la di da di da" [looking away putting on the bored look]

JD: "Whaaaaatever, when you're hot you're hot and when you're not you're not. I am HOT"

Still ignoring him


Anonymous said...

To My Friend Silvieon4- I think your brother JD is a handsome dude, and just my type. I spied him at The Bash looking dapper in his tie. Cheers, Tootsie

silvieon4 said...

Thank you Tootsie, but he is a bit of a ladies' dog. You have to keep an eye on him at all times!!!! He told momma he wants more ties. Can you believe that?

Honeygo Beasley said...

It must be nice to have another Bichon at home to share your thoughts with ... for now, I will have to contend with blogging 'tween my Bichon sisters from different mothers.

silvieon4 said...

Chloe, you can send your 2legged on vacation and you can come here for a week. Then you would be one of 4! JD was an only Bichon for 3 years and he acts like it still! For the most part, it is fun to have built in playmates. But at times, I do like my privacy.