Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Adam is very very fun... TO MESS WITH!!!!!!!!!!


Here are some of the fun games we've been playing:
  • Musical Meal Time: It's a little like musical chairs. JD, Wendy, and I happily gobble up each others' food but refuse to eat our own.
  • Harrrrummmppphhh: I wait until he looks like he's really involved with what he's doing, then harumph as loud as I can. I repeat until he can't focus and is forced to rub my belly. (see picture)
  • Monopoly: Just the regular board game. It's so much more fun without dowi there to cheat. (Why do you people keep letting her be the banker?! We all know she is going to cheat!)
  • Human chew toy: It's a role-playing game. I play the role of chewy puppy, he plays the role of my human chew toy.
  • Hide and Seek: JD, Wendy, and I hide in the yard and refuse to come in until Adam seeks us.
  • GIMMIE GIMMIE GIMMIE: This game is played at meal time. I whimper and throw myself around so he thinks I'm dying to have whatever he's eating. When he gives me a taste, I sniff it walk away. Then return a minute later and repeat.
  • Bite the Nose: Hey, he invented this game. It's fun! I wait until he is sleeping then I bite his nose.
  • Hidden Surprise: Adam hasn't discovered this one yet, so I can't tell you. You have to wait until he puts on his shoes! ;)
It's not that I don't love you Adam. And I'm thrilled to have you home. I just have to teach momma a lesson. Puppies like vacations too. And petting requires two hands.



Adam said...

I know a game, too! It's called, "Throw out three dingo bones every day and then tell the momma the doggies ate them, even though they got no dingo bones!"

silvieon4 said...

That game doesn't sound very fun. Let's not play that one.

How 'bout you rub my bells instead?


Honeygo Beasley said...

Hiden Surprise and Gimme Gimme sound like games I might like to play ...

Sounds like you are having a good time!

I like the musical chairs one, too.