Friday, May 29, 2009

What do you mean groomer day?????

There we were about to start our day. Looking over the back forties as daddy says, and as always JD is looking for Bubba next door so he can start his fence patrol and out macho the 80+ lb Golden... every other little guy has delusions... let's leave it at that, shall we?

We are contemplating our last "accidental run" on the pool cover because it comes off today. All an all it is starting out like a good day. Love having daddy home. Love having momma home. Love"normal life".

Then momma lets it slip... "Groomer day today..." WHAAAATTTT????

Now I really am depressed. WHY groomer day? I smell great, I look great what is this obsession the 2 leggeds have to groom???

Thanx Wendy Pooh... Hope your roll in the mulch was worth it. We are all getting groomed.. TODAY. ICK. Hey geniuses, has anyone looked at the forecast? Rain for the next 5 days, so reconsider your grooming plans, cause rain=mud=frizz=wasted grooming.... just saying....



Honeygo Beasley said...

It'll be nice to see your EYES again - so yes, grooming day is a good idea.

Silvie, you'll look as purty as you ever do and smell even sweeter!

(Chloe is bath bound tomorrow!)

rocky-dog said...

ffffttt! mama gave me a bath last Sunday -- at least I didn't have to get a haircut (I think mama ran out of time!) which is a good thing because mama does NOT know how to do a decent "do". Actually the last time she tried to give me a haircut I ended up with razor burned back feet! MAMA please! But I got even last night and was out in the back yard and found some yummy dirt to dig in with my face! bwaahahaha

your paw-pal, Rocky-dog

Honeygo Beasley said...

Oh well, Chloe did NOT get a bath on Saturday. It was my birthday. So I got a bath!

Anonymous said...

To My Good Friend Silvieon4: Funny you mention the groomer thing. Early Saturday morning mom and dad loaded Teddie and me in the car. Quite honestly, Teddie was in need of a "fluff and buff," but I was still looking pretty good. Anyway, our final destination was "All Fur Grooming". Since the nice groomer lady thinks Teddie and I are well behaved guests, she let us out in the back room to play with her son (probably 7 years old). Silly little guy, put the corn dog he was eating down on the table next to me and turned around.....what else could I do but finish it off for him? Unfortuantely for me I left a lot of residue on my face, so when my mom came to pick me up I needed another bath and blow dry....oh well, the corn dog sure was good, although I don't really like ketchup! Your Friend, Tootsie