Monday, May 11, 2009

Rainy days and MONDAYS...


Forgive my un"combed" look.
It is a Monday, and it is a rainy day. A two-fer. Hold me and let me sleep. No? Why not? I don't understand busy. Ok then I vote we stay in bed. Really. I could spent a few hours snuggled and warm, getting an occasional belly rub. JD is tired too! He agrees with me. See?

Look, I am a Bichon, while I want to be your companion all the time, I am tired. Soooo, how about breakfast in bed and then you let me snooze while you do your thing in the bedroom.
I know you like to rearrange stuff and dust and whatever.... Just let me have a few more blissful moments before you start the week.

No, don't let frisbee cat loose. It makes noise. Do quiet things. Can't you just enjoy the sound of the rain and the dolce far niente which rightfully belongs to a rainy monday?

Not to take advantage of this is criminal...

Snuggle me now

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