Sunday, July 1, 2012

soooo what? I got caught working the puzzles....I was hungry!

Get lost snitch.  I was hungry.  It was like 6 or something and she was phfumpfing around and I needed sustenance, so there, I got myself an appetizer. My brains was not being stimulated, my stomach was being satiated.I still think this is stoopid as the day is long. but hey I am thinking of it like a treat dispenser and I am training them to keep it full.

they give you lemons... make lemonade!


Kolchak Puggle said...

I hear you my sweet! What are these humans of ours thinking?! t's not "working my mind" to snout aside some bit of plastic. All it's doing is slowing me down...and annoying me. HUMPF! Humans.

silvieon4 said...

Right? But I am now training her to keep the stupid puzzles filled. It is stimulate her sense of ...guilt?

Two French Bulldogs said...

Are you playing puzzles?
Benny & Lily