Friday, July 27, 2012

No way... No how...

Sometimes, I get to help momma in the kitchen. I am what you would call, an excellent barometer of the palatability of a menu.

The woman gets bored easily and has to constantly be "amused" by her food.  [I am shaking my head here... No, I don't get it.  I want the food in my mouth. That's the level of amusement I require.  Not her.  There has to be some ... motivation [????] to actually make it and eat it.
Go figure hoomans. Call me when you have that answer.

Until then, get a load of what the woman has been working on.... and then do tell me if I am right to wonder if she has lost the grip on that tether of sanity which is now floating away like an illusive butterfly. 

The "proposed menu" as she calls it, mirrors what passes for television these days. 

Heinz  Mad Men Baked Beans    [I know momma... these will NEVER make it in her mouth...  never ever]

Franch dressing  [Breaking Bad of course....] with crudites  she will sniff it and pass on this....

Jim's special Grilled Cheese for PAM

Glee's Mercedes Tater Tots

Hot In Cleveland  COLD Hot Dogs with a vodka chaser

Legend-wait for it-ary MacLaren's Pub style  Buffalo chicken wings

Dr Sheldon Cooper's special spaghetti    [why????]

Drop Dead Diva pake real recipe even...

"Zerts" Waffles served with a rake plain  or topped with whipped cream

Walter Bishop Rootbeer Floats

Weeds Cookies   apparently the ingredients are not season? Pity, I  love cookies.

all eaten while wearing  Food Themed Pjs...

No.  I am putting my paw down on this one.  This meal is not up to standards. It is a bad joke... it is a heart attack on a plate. AND I AM NOT WEARING Food themed PJs...

This menu is a BUST and I am walking away with a look of total, complete... EWWWWW!

Thinks she got the message?


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