Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The insanity of it all....

Happy fourth everyone. Sooooo, for those of you with diamond studded dust bunnies, for those of you with precious dirt, for those of you with $$ to burn and a comatose conscience... [Seriously folks ever hear of rescue or doing good or making a difference in this world???] There is a product out there designed for you...

Yes, there is one born every minute...[PT Barnum was right] and if you are that sucker, this is for you:

But before you drop your cash because you need to feel that special, let me clue you in. That thing will never love you back. It will never be loyal to you, keep you company, lick your face, keep your secrets, snuggle you or share your life. And if it gets any use at all, it will be what it is, a dirt bag to its core.

Here is a thought,  a viable alternative even, one that will not single you out for being a total ego maniacal moron [oops did I dictate that out loud? Darn Dragon Natural Barking, it picks up everything! Oh well...] Look, drop half as much cash for ANY animal shelter or rescue. DO SOME GOOD!

Get your reality in focus. I am shaking my beautiful head,  hooooomans...... that's all I am going to say... when they are screwy ... they are super screwy.


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