Saturday, July 14, 2012

Saturday Exploring... in Smithfield VA.

Ok I am personally very excited about this trip. My mouth is watering.  Smithfield is where hams come from.
Do ya think?  Maybe?  If I am really cute I can get me a ham?  One of of my own?

What is this place?  A market? Ohhh it smells good.

Just follow me ok?  You can see the whole thing from my buggy.
Ahh must be long term married, dude takes orders very well...he is following...
I am smelling Yummitude!!!! Buy me Bring me, Get me...
 Ohhhh Hi guys!!!
But why not daddy?  One more?  You won't even notice! What do you mean the bed is too crowded already?
Check out little dude he is working! Momma wrinkled her nose ... not grain free. I am rolling my eyes. I was willing to try a bag... or two... Ok, I rather have liver lips. She is right.
Heyy cuz... a poodle. a NOT Bichon.

Ok I am hot, can we go back to the car and get some AC, ice water, a snack and a belly rub?

I am done "sploring"  unless you want to get get a kitteh from the shelter...

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