Sunday, July 8, 2012


Soooo, the momma had a moment. She dragged us into the pool. US means JD and I. The Wendy was no where to be found. [The Wendy is a very smart girl]. Yes we had a lovely swim.

Ok I really liked it, JD swam out. That's the extent of his swim. \I had a nice 20 minutes swim with the momma.

BUT what I hated was the bath that came after the swim. And the blow dry and, The Wendy got both as well, so basically she should have agreed to the swim.

Of course we all acted hurt and angry for about 5 minutes. But seriously it was nice to be cooled off and snuggled and oh boy do I smell delicious. And that brings me to a serious question.

What goes on in daddy's head?

Momma was cooing me and telling me I am made of spun sugar, gossamer wings, butterfly kisses all held together by a tiny drop of.... [everybody here knows the line....EVERYBODY!].... but before momma could finish daddy said "held together by a tiny drop of SPIT!


Are we insane?

SPIT???? Daddy! That's disgusting! And so wrong!

The line is: " I am made of spun sugar, gossamer wings, butterfly kisses, all held together by a tiny drop of SPARKLE" not spit. I think Ack run did something to his memories. SPIT!

That is just disgusting. Look again, do you think that line even remotely describes me???

I am made of spun sugar... that is why I am so sweet, gossamer wings because I am beautiful, butterfly kisses because I am gentle and a tiny bit SPARKLE because I SPARKLE..... daddy, get it right! 'vie no kisses for you daddy, until you get it right.

'vie [not with spit]

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