Sunday, July 22, 2012

NUFF' this has to be done..

Ok we warned him. We are NOT putting up with this indignity.  We have a neighbor. He is loud, he is proud, he is lewd and he is crude. We are OUTING HIM. Yes you read it right.  The man calls us:

"The Bitchons"

Eww. Shrug.  We have asked him not to. Politely even. He thinks he is funny. This is a warning post.  Next time you do it, we are posting your picture. And your name. Show you what a "bitchon" is capable of...

Yes, we are offended. This is the man who thinks being dressed up means wearing your baseball cap with the visor upfront...  lower your voice and dig deep from the gravel pit to say this..."Nuff said."

If his wife ever needs a witness , say in divorce court... or something... we will be there! Do you even know what Bichon Frise means? Of course you don't. They don't print stuff like that on beer cans or burger wrappers...or toilet paper... and that just about covers your world, no?

And we are NOT UNFRIENDLY, generally. We just don't like your name calling.

sign us...
The BICHONS FRISE who look down their noses at you.
Princess 'vie,  Princess The Wendy and Sir JD to you!

PS. your daughter promised to read this to you. I am so glad education is compulsory!

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