Saturday, July 28, 2012

JD is telling us daddy is coming home

So, we had this thunderstorm last night. One of those with the full light show, the big loud kabooms, you know, it felt like one of those rock concerts. Staged to perfection for maximum impact. 

Just ask The Wendy. She hid in the pantry for hours. 

We were ok, but worried about the Daddy who was driving home in what momma called "the mess". [For OCD momma, a mess is anything NOT agreeable to.]

My take on "riding out" any "mess" is to find a comfy spot and sleep until it's over. I did that. The chosen spot was next to momma. JD was pretty much on patrol. He decided to check out the storm from his observation deck, and he kept a sharp ear out for daddy's car.

Well, as soon as he heard that car [we think it was a block or so away] JD came over and woke me up and riled up the momma and the Wendy. Apparently JD felt that the daddy deserved a hero's welcome for... driving in the mess...for coming home...for...being daddy? We really don't know what the thinking was, but we were not given a choice. That boy insisted.

Sometimes I think, the males in this house have some secret code or something. 

As I was all fresh from my nap, I had lots of energy to blitz and who can pass up an opportunity to blitz? 

I must remember to give momma the same kind of hero's welcome the next time she is gone for any amount of time.  I must because last night she commented that she gets treated like staff, not like a hero.  And I need to score some serious points with her.  This girl is no dummy.


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