Thursday, July 19, 2012

Check this out: VERY Bad News for Raw Feeders

VERY Bad News for Raw Feeders


I suppose healthy dogs cuts down their income level. 

Yes I am being sarcastically accurate.... 

Wait. Who is sponsoring their meeting? Should I say... wait, wait, don't tell... the dog food companies????
The same people who are putting out garbage in fancy packages and sending coupons because smart people are not buying the processed caca??? 

Ohhhhh that makes sense.  Just like the "incentive" programs for Rymadil use. {Don't get me started on that}

FOLLOWWWWWW THE $$$$$$$$ and you will find true motives.

Personally I want vets whose education was not wholly packaged by the dog food company and whose understanding of canine nutrition is not a derivative of an incentive program. How about a REAL nutritional education??? 

The goal should be to keep me healthy, not to make me a patient for life.  WELL CARE not DISEASE PROCESS!!!!

I am so mad,  I need to go cool off....


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