Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Yes Dowi

They are as good as they look and so far THEY ARE ALL MINE..... Mwahhhhhhhh Tagliatelle...

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Think we have enough?

It depends.... who is coming?

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Heyyy Windows 7!!!

Don't screw it up! You latest update really scrambled my system. My calendar and clock and some settings.... You were doing so well. Watch those updates!!! Looks to me as if someone was sloppy???

frustrated 'vie


IT'S ON!!!!!

Twinkie the visionary has organized it so we can meet, greet, network and such and WIN stuff. You know ... stuff !

So how many 4 legged bloggers are out there??
JOIN UP! And if you are not in, you can't be randomly picked on April 18 as a winner.


In case you forgot... if you don't own a Bichon candle, you have a huge void in your life.

4 " high by 3 " wide

Fill the VOID... participate, don't be late!!!

Review the rules and refresh your mind... I don't mind.

Blogging Bichon!!!

White Dog Cottage


So, this is what you guys are up to at White Dog Cottage! Boy, when I was there, that would have never been allowed! Is auntie Robin getting soft? Was uncle Jack out?

Ohhhhh this was a mud facial... I see that.

Tell the truth Kyle, after spending part of your life in a cage, feeling grass and mud is grand. And you know what? It's great to see you play as hard as you do.

Just one itty bitty question... how was the bath that followed?



Giving full credit to for bringing this to our attention and joining her efforts, we quote her:
"When the video gets 1 million hits, Medline will be making a huge contribution to the hospital, as well as offering free mammograms for the community.

Please check it out. It's an easy and great way to donate to a wonderful cause, and who hasn't been touched by breast cancer?"

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


There is so much activity at my house, this is one of those days I am grateful to have no thumbs.
Otherwise, I am sure momma would have me working on one of her "lists". I think she has a list of the lists she has...
Mhh wonder is I am on the list? And if I am, where exactly am I? I should be no. 1, no?

I need to check on that.

There is cooking, cleaning, table setting, guest room prepping... I don't think we own an appliance that is not presently engaged.

Look I am staying out of the way and watching. I mean... you could get hurt out there there is so much going on...

What's like at your house?


ok... what do I get instead?

I hope she remembers we don't do chocolate. So what do we get instead????

I smell nothing but apples... mhhh

Monday, March 29, 2010


If one paw is this big and nasty and smelly... how huge and redolent is this horseradish animal anyway????

And she says she is going to grate it??? Ewwww. 2 leggeds eat the nastiest stuff!

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To all White Dog Cottage Residents.

Rest assured that plans are in motion that will deal with mallards and such permanently.
Our own civility has bound us to attempt a diplomatic solution. However parties have been informed that if the talks fail, we shall proceed with actions. Clearly boundaries have to be respected and sovereignty must be recognized.

Further, a back up plan has been formulated and our operatives will implement such at the earliest opportunity.

Momma, do we have any ham?
What kind of cheese goes best in an omelet??

Back to White Dog Cottage. We are fully aware that the message must be received by Bill Duckley and Feather Ducklear. It is being delivered.

Rest assured.

WET wet wet

It's raining, again.
It's pouring. Nobody here is snoring.
Wendy is still in bed
The rest of us are are watching the rain.

I have "stuff to do .. out there"
"Stuff" Important stuff....
By the way do we have an omelette pan??
When is it ever going to stop raining???

Momma keeps saying April showers... flowers blah blah...
Hey.... we are still in MARCH! Turn off the wet

Even the ducks are hiding.
I am bored.

Wait... I am smelling?

Soup! Momma is making soup!!! YUMMMMM

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Sunday, March 28, 2010

So, guess who came to dinner??

Mr Mallard aka Bill Duckley. Sans the lovely Feather Ducklear. Mhh is there trouble in that nest? Does Bill have a roving eye?
Is Feather wanting her freedom? Momma says no. They are taking turn eggsitting. Eggsitting? That means... that nest is near by... Hmmm
Gotta go... Se ya later....

sniff, sniff.... snifff
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Feather Ducklear in her glory

Still chomping, bathing, preening and strutting. And we are still prisoners...Look at her. Now you know why I call her Feather Ducklear.
Seriously. She struts.

hour 1


Feather Ducklear

Guess who is back. Yes, Mrs Mallard, or as I call her... Feather Ducklear. And while Feather makes herself at home and gorges on the buffet momma has set out for her, WE ARE VIRTUAL PRISONERS. Do you think that's fair?

I don't.
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Saturday, March 27, 2010

I must be dreaming...

Hm. Sometimes, when I am half asleep I dream. And I generally dream big. Big dreams and big ideas big. Wait. When I do that the ideas start inside my head, not in front of my eyes....


This is in front of my eyes! Hey I am not dreaming! GLOBAL ANIMAL BLOGGING EVENT 2010 IS REAL!

and I quote:


Heads up, furiends. I'm preparing the 1st Annual International Animal Blogging Event. It will take place, right here, on this blog, beginning April 1st and ending on April 18th, when all the winners will be announced. I will accept links March 31- April 10th. We can all come together and have lots of fun. The rules are quite simple. If you want to participate, you to have to place the event's logo on your sidebar, email me a link to the post with the event's logo (yes same logo but on your actual post) and instructions for your readers. You just have to figure out your one or more giveaways--that's up to you. I will then glance at your post and if it's G-rated and satisfies the two conditions, I'll post it on my blog for all the others to share and be able to visit with ease. Those of you who don't want to give away anything, can still participate. You can just use the links to get to meet new furiends and if you like, leave a comment (only one per post) so that you can become eligible to get the giveaway. This is a blogging event for bloggers. This is important as we, the active participants, will need to contact you at the end of the event to find out where to mail the prizes. We are all going to be winners here. We'll either gain new friends or prizes or both.

Until then: TELL ALL YOUR FURIENDS! When I say anything, I mean anything from tiny Sugar Gliders, to crazy coyotes. SPREAD THE WORD and let's have some fun!

I am looking for a cool badge/logo and a catchy name/acronym (such as: International Animal Blogging Event/IABE, or All Critters United/ACU etc). Since I came to you my close furiends feel free to brainstorm with me. "
This is on Tiny's blog... Interesting... I am in. Yes, we have giveaways. Fabulous ones.
we have 3 Bichon Candles to give away. I modeled for them :) Wanna see??? They look like this:

4 " high by 3 " wide
Cute ha? Just like me! ;)
So... partecipate!!!


Wendy asks for a walk

Daddy, you take us for a walk! With a leash, pleaaaase?
Momma is too busy blowing her nose every 12 seconds. Come on daddy... pleaaaaaaaase.

I will give you 2 licks, one snuggle and a huge tail wag.

:))) Yes!!! he is getting the leashes....

Wendy to JD and Silvie "You owe me one..."
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Go Monkey Go!!!!


take time to smell the flowers?

Momma's version of taking time to smell the flowers:

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Sniff... sniff...



and then fumble fumble for tissues, eye drops.. sneeze some more.

But she does look more Bichon... right down to her pink nose. Ha!


Dillie the deer

Oh "dear" [pun intended]... now momma wants me to use the toilet?

As if

Friday, March 26, 2010

Winston PUPDATE: He is FREE

Winston PUPDATE!!!

Car-eating dog set free - Video -

Winston, you are free! Now on those anger management, er... obedience classes... one word of advice. Do not lift your leg and mark your 2legged. [JD] and for sure do not the lift the leg and mark the other leg [JD], because while momma was wearing boots and they were waterproof, that might not be case with your 2legged. And it is not polite... it is demeaning as momma put it.

Chill big boy and maybe they could train you as a police dog. I mean you got the chops to take a real bite out crime!

welcome back
'vie and family

duck buffet

Do you think, that, maybe the fact that momma sets out a duck buffet has anything to do with the Mallards coming back? Hmmm???

They now peck the french doors to announce their arrival.

If momma starts treating them like "pets"



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They are Baaaaackkkk!

Hey guys, the Mallards are back!!!!He is on the deck, we need to go out now and do something.
Get this door open, mommmmmmma!!!

Wendy Pooh thinks we should try a
different approach... but what approach would work?

We need to assert full ownership rights over the whole pool, not just the yard!Ok. Lets do a full out growling blitz.
Intimidate the Mallards!

Does he look even a little ferklempt?

Mh. Ok try barking thinks like "smoked tea duck... duck liver pate...
duck confit..."


"Duck duck goose?"
"What , are you trying to play with it or scare it off?"

You know what... The Mallard is just too stupid to know it is in danger.
Look at it... blissful ignorance, that's what it is...

I am going to get closer and sniff it.

Wet feathers. Smells like wet bird.
When are they
taking this cover off?

That will put an end to this!

Until then... we stare and intimidate!

Stay focused!

How long will this take????
The cushions are not out, my tushy
is getting cold!