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Monday, April 20, 2015

Check this out!  
We were honored and thrilled to be part of Coffee With a Canine.

I bet there are things in this post you never knew!

Read it.

So...what have you learned?


I need to renegotiate my contract

It has been a few intense days. And the next time momma says I am high maintenance, someone please point to the calendar entries for this week and set her straight. Paws down, bar none, JD has been in crisp focus in the spotlight. Where was momma?  Where was daddy?  Both hanging on for dear life and both losing they mind.

You know that JD had a cataract removed. Surgery was stellar, recovery was fine, until the cone of shame. Then 2 things happened.  One... Mr JD had little or no peripheral vision while wearing the cone and that made him take a misstep and injure his R rear leg. Given his trick knee, momma was upset, but not crazed.  Then, the cone of shame came off, and his royal pain in the tuchus, JD, scratched his surgical site.  He started winking and blinking and momma went crazy.  Back to Dr R, back into the cone, back on more drops, and when inflammation persisted, JD got a shot in the eye.

Now, you must take the time to formulate the visual here... a Bichon... needing a good grooming [no grooming until the eye dc says so... nice play JD!] with two "poodled" front paws... limping. This is what the word PATH-. ETHIC could only be describing,

But the drama does not end here. You see, sometimes, an infection shows up in the eye even when it starts elsewhere. DA DA DA DUMMMMMMMM. CRASH!  This limping must be looked at.

Bigger DA DA DA DUMMMMMMMM. CRASH! IT IS NOT THE OLD KNEE!!!!  Panic sets it. It is the hip. Was JD kicked? Did he fall down the stairs? Did someone play football with the old boy?.... Suppressed chuckle.  Momma gets really mad if she catches me laughing at these questions. Have you met JD?  He is like .... well his nick name is King of all puppies everywhere all the time. Nobody would dare do anything to his majesty, but kiss his royal tuchus.

Just the same... X-rays had to be taken. Momma's OCD quest for understanding took her in some very dark corners of the interweb. Brrrrr. She talked to Dr R who discussed the 3 possible...scenarios.

1. It is a bruised hip- BEST POSSIBLE OUTCOME. No surgical intervention, anti inflammatory meds and time.

2. A dislocation...3. or a broken hip. The correction comes with surgery and only with surgery... and when surgery fails... removal of the leg is the ultimate option. {THIS IS WHAT THEY CALL AN OPTION?????? WHAT THE WOOF?!}

Yes I heard it.  The loud thud and crash was momma's heart dropping to the ground and her soul crashing into a wall. Given JD's dramas of late, you know that all she heard was that " ultimate option."

Let me translate that into applied behavior. Momma is OCD. When in crisis and when unable to do anything else... apparently cleaning is imperative. Yes world, our toilets have been steam cleaned.

JD got kissed every 3 minutes. Got carried everywhere like he was made of crystal....and,,,the royal pain in the tuchus got insane meals...hand fed... while momma emotionally beat herself for not realizing that it was his hip not his knee. And daddy did not help when he asked her if she was absent the day they lectured on differentiating knee from hip injuries in veterinary school. Sarcasm... momma is a lawyer, not a vet...

Of course, the who fan damily worried about that boy.  Well after a rough night [for me- because that momma tossed in bed like she was romaine in a bowl or dressing] off JD went for X-rays.

He is fine. He has a bruised hip. Yeaaaa! No really, Yeaaaa.  I got my momma back. And the daddy too! And the royal pain in the tuchus is once again mine to torture.

But, if caca like this is going to keep happening, I demand better terms in my contract. I am a Bichon, I am meant to love and comfort. And I am good at that job.  But I will be damned if I spend any more time, trying to keep momma from disintegrating emotionally.  It is like holding jello between chopstiks.... NUFF said.,


Friday, April 17, 2015


 Why can't I have one?  Why?
Ignoring me is NOT the answer momma.  If you are going to deny me my one and only [for today] fondest wish, you OWE me some kind of explanation.

 I met the little white furry blurry pink nosed thingie., It is so cute I want to bring it home.

 I watched it. It is behind the glass ! How awful. It needs to me rescue it. It needs me to bring it home.

 I will love it, and play with it and chase it and snuggle it and let it run freeeeeeeeeeee!

Look at it momma, it is ever so cute! It matches me!  I think is it a Bichon -mouse!

Why not???? Momma you are a hypocrite. No- "because I said so" is not a valid answer.
You run this house like you are a dictator. Yes I am pouting. I want the furry thing!
No more kisses.  I am done with you.

who asked you to clean up after it? Make daddy do it!
I am not talking to you.
I am done.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Veterinary Food Therapy with Dr. Redding: TONIGHT!

 Wednesday, April 15th from 6:30 - 7:30 pm.: 
educational seminar about Veterinary Food Therapy with Dr. Redding 
This seminar will explore food from an eastern therapeutic perspective and will include a live cooking demo to teach you how to prepare wholesome home-cooked diets for your pet in a comprehensive and manageable way.
We will be sending home samples, recipes, and coupons for 15% an eastern consultation with Dr. Redding.
Join us to learn all about how food can help to heal your pet and improve their quality of life - for pets suffering from allergies to arthritis.
To rsvp please reply  on facebook, e-mail, call us or sign-up on our sign-up sheet in our hospital lobby.
And... for the "hoomans" incentive.... Hows about dem whoppie pies??? Or that coconut lime squares that daddy loves so much??? We will see you there, because momma would not miss it!


Wordless Wednesday: This is how


Try it

You will love it!


Happy B day Buddy!

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Black and White Sunday:

The WENDY LECTURE.... and so it begins.

Cosmo find a comfy chair, this is gonna take a while.... Girl has lots to say...

And all this because... daddy said Wendy was special...



Friday, April 10, 2015

Trauma or Drama?

New game. We have invented for Momma. Shhhhh we are trying this so she does not snap and lose what is left of her little mind.

It has been a tough April already.  And it followed a very tough March. So... go along and play along

The game is simple. Why it is called TRAUMA or DRAMA will become self evident.

We have had a lot of both at our house lately.  This "game" is designed to give momma a sense of perspective so she does not crumble. Bottom line, the cupcake needs to toughen up.

Everything in the house is covered in a cloud of fine dust. Blame the carpet removal? Blame the hardwood floor install? Blame the painter, the carpenter...the granite installers.... Blame everyone! Cough, clean, cough...
Trauma or drama?________________

Shower doors delivered without handles.
Shower door installed improperly because the handles were not there.
Shower doors re-installed... Initial time line as projected 10 days. Actual time line... 5 weeks.
Trauma or drama?________________

Granite gets installed...almost.,.. Two pieces did not match. Ohhhhh so many phone calls.
Installer agrees with momma. 4 days later... it gets done...
Trauma or drama?________________

Sink and faucet issues. Hoomans have some real issues about matching and fitting in and blah blah..
All I know is that things had to be returned, exchanged, re set, and ultimately it got done, but not without many many discussions, measurements, talks, phone calls...
Trauma or drama?________________

Momma gets the flu... Down for the count.... She is post op and none of us want to go through more surgery with her so we all hold our breath and listen to her breathing... It's hard not to laugh at her gravely voice. She is clueless... she is trying to "clean up" and is upset she is woozy and dizzy. Don't say it... I was thinking the same thing, I know, right?
Trauma or drama?________________

Cosmo. Crazy boy. Crazy like a fox, he has her completely won over. He steals our food if he is given a chance. I am calling this one. TRAUMA. but you can vote.
Trauma or drama?________________

JD's senior exam is not "pristine" That boy needs a diet change and some immediate help with his liver function. Momma is gutted. Daddy gets lectured on what will be allowed.
Trauma or drama?________________

JD's recheck shows that things are going better and a little more tweaking with his diet should be all that is needed. Now the woman is looking at our diet! Oh dear... will it ever stop?
Trauma or drama?________________

JD develops what appears to be a funky white spot on his left eye. Momma calls it. And she turns out to be right...CATARACT. Off to Dr Brad.  SURGERY, immediately. Need I ask?
Trauma or drama?________________

JD comes home poodle pawed, with a cone of shame, and looking ever so PATH ethic...
Trauma or drama?________________

JD gets drops and the boy refuses to eat until he is de-coned.  Nice play JD.
Trauma or drama?________________

JD hates the cone, can't navigate well up and down steps, Takes a misstep and starts limping.
now we have... JD in a cone, post up, poodle pawed and limping.... Momma falls completely apart. She has been carrying him up and down and that boy gives orders like a pro.
Trauma or drama?________________

Finally the cone comes off, but the recovery is derailed when MR JD somehow injures his surgical site and starts winking and keeping his eye closed. Momma loses it.
Trauma or drama?________________

JD is back in a cone, post up, poodle pawed and limping and not able to get groomed... and today we are headed back to Dr Brad, Hopefully the new eye drops have fixed the damage,  If not... ther is a shot they give in the eye.... Oh dear.... that will be DRAMA.....!!!!!!! Wonder if he can put something in momma's head and fix her.,. Every time she looks at him, she chokes up.
Right now he could ask for and probably get anything he wants from her.
Trauma or drama?________________

The Wendy came in from outside with some weird stuff on her butt. From far away momma thought it was blood. This is what we call jumping to delusions. Turned out to be a piece of red string, who knows where it came from. But the way that woman reacted, she went int ER mode. Before she even got close to the Wendy, there were warm compresses and meds and...phones and er numbers... I say momma is losing it... Drama...drama... drama. And after it was all over... and she know everything was fine... that woman fell apart!  BUT EVERYTHING WAS FINE!  If only she made sense, know what I mean????
Trauma or drama?________________

Cosmo takes off when fired gardener shows up on Easter day trying to make amends for never showing up to do the clean up etc etc... By take off , I mean that Cosmo actually ran out and had to be chased....  Soooo Cosmo is a runner... Moi?  Nahh why would I ever leave?  The Wendy, JD and I know better. Oh yuh, I forgot. JD did that running bit once.,. ended up in a squad car with a Chesapeake police officer and momma was, in a nightgown all over the neighborhood crying...

Old gardener is OUT.. New gardener has been scared straight by momma re OUR safety.
Those 3 minutes Cosmo was running...
Trauma or drama?________________

Finding out that some rodent chewed a hole in the drain hose of the dishwasher under the house and caused a leak....AGAIN....
Trauma or drama?________________

Momma spotted a chameleon in the garage and freaked out...that thing ran out like his butt was on fire.
Trauma or drama?________________

Weird beeping noise that drove momma crazy for about 3 hrs... stooopid roomba stuck under the couch...Trauma or drama?________________

I better stop, I am depressing myself... this is a mere smattering of what has been going on.  There has been lots more.  But that is life.  I am ever so grateful I chose tail over thumbs.  I only have one responsibility and I do take it seriously I  twirl my tail and take care of my hoomans with wags and licks and fluffytude.

I am hoping things settle down. WAYYYYY down.  I am owed an Easter and a Passover. Momma is healthing up. She is not wheezing and she is back drinking her 'puccino which means her yucks are over,

I leave the trauma or drama to the momma... and daddy... by default...


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