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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Thoughtless Thursday: Three ON DUTY

Nothing easy about being a BICHON. Surveying our street and keeping an eye on things is part of our lives.

Some of us take the job far more seriously than others... Ehmmmm. But then he is a boy and he needs to feel powerful and he does that by growling and barking at... big brown dogs. Easy to do when you are perched two stories up and looking down from the safety of your cushy observation post, no?

Nothing to think about! This is what we call  "paper courage".

The Wendy and I are far more interested in the person behind that blinkie box they call a camera.


Wednesday, July 30, 2014

MAX MAIL! The grass patchie thingie

Arlington, VA, 7/29/2014
On my balcony.

Dearest Silvie, JD and The Wendy too,
it is my sincerest hope that my letter finds you all in glowing health and knee deep in chewies. Speaking of which, how is your momma?  And your daddy?  Oh yes, I just saw your daddy. You will be happy to know he did not look at any other dog while he was here. You have trained him beautifully. When he talks about you, he gets this sweet almost dog like look in his face!.  Very well done, guys. I am was impressed.

I wanted to send you pictures of this place I have that is called a "balcony".  I love it, it is like a giant deep open window into the city. But recently my momma has placed an odd thing out here and I am somewhat at a loss as to use and function.  I am hoping that one of you can give me some insight.

First of all.... do you note the yellow pee cone? It was part of my agility training set, but yellow always makes me pee... and apparently now it must live on this ... rug? Towel? Patch? Grassy thingie????
Look at the picture.... It is small. Can't roll on it. Can't really stretch on it.  Can't dig it.

I have tried to ignore it. Apparently that was the wrong move. My hooman went on and on and on for ever and two days about how much she wants me to USE IT.  Use what??? How???

I have tried very hard to understand what she wants.  I hope I am wrong.  I think she wants me to use it for pee mail.  Odd.  This patch thingie is small, it is in MY balcony, and nobody else would have access to it, so why would I pee mail on it? I mean I pee mail all over the city, as I should! Arlington is MY turf now!

What would be the point of pee mail that is read by no one????

Oh she also said, that I should use it because I get a fresh "patch" every week. Wait, do you think when they take the old patch away it is sent somewhere where it is read by other dogs? Talk about complicated!!!  I am confused and I am at a loss. Your input is much appreciated. When I peed on the yellow cone, which happened to still be on "the patchie thingie" she did a dance... if only I had her cell phone, you tube would have had a new viral hit...'nuff said.

On other fronts, I have been winning small victories at training my hooman.  She actually cooks well and  pays attention to my likes and dislike. I have tried not to act too eager just to peak her concern and so she does not get bored or stale.  That was great advice Wendy!  JD, while I have tried to bury myself in her hair, it is just not my thing. But I do give her kisses which immediately melts her to her core. But best of all Silvieon4, your advice about the Disney eyes and puppy look, SPOT ON!  She has zip resistance to it.  I even tested in adverse conditions.... yea, I did it, the old toilet paper roll unravel trick. I must say, she passed with flying colors.

For the most part, we are really doing quite well. I occasionally de squeak a toy or two [GUYS I HAVE SO MANY TOYS!!!! I love it] and I watch as she does surgery on them. Love my daily walks.  Had the flattering and insulting experience of having a hooman wanting to buy me for 700 dollars! I gave him the eye roll.  I am beyond price tags!  I am not "product"!  I am not "thing"!!!!!  I AM BICHON you dumb person. My momma was stellar, she handled it very well... somewhere , on some couch, that person is working with a shrink to find his dignity. I do love her.  She is fiercely protective of me. But a little neurotic. Does not handle me chasing game. No squirrels, no rabbits, no birds, no cars. What is up with that?

The other interesting development is the TV thing. Do you know that on my TV I get to see CATS?  Yea, for real. CATS!  They miao and everything! I have now spent serious time trying to figure out how to get them out. I just want one. You know, to play with. All I get from my momma is "Dude, you have to get over this cat fixation" Why????  Do you guys get to play with that Cooper cousin? He was kind of aloof.

Let's see, am I forgetting anything? Mhh. Love the city.  Love the lobby still and love the courtyard most. But I also love the parks.  JD, you would not believe how many girls I have met and I am now "friends with". Silvie and Wendy, it's a guy theng...

I am thinking that when I come down on vacay, [yea we are coming! Soon even! My momma said so!] we should hang out and maybe do the boardwalk.  I hear that the smells at the beach are completely out of this world.  Looking forward to sniffing it all.

Well, I have to go hang out and get my nap in, When my mom comes home for lunch she drags me out for a long walk!  She has needs, what can I say?

Woofs and wags to all
Fuzzy Overlord

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Tasty Tuesday: The Food2Go talk.

Travel can be fun if you are prepared.

So, it is summer. It is our time to go and explore and visit and take day trips and discover and make new friends, and taste new things and have fun and generally.... it is BUSY, exhausting, interesting, wild... and... sometimes it interferes with our  routine. For some of us, a change in routine means tummy ache, feeding issues, etc etc.  Momma is not into that.  So,  over the years, momma has developed some great coping strategies.

Day trips generally mean that we are getting up very early, getting into a van that daddy has packed the night before and going on a long ride to end up somewhere new.  That "somewhere" does not necessarily have the same grocery stores, or readily available food that we like. In comes the "travel box". Momma has this travel box and this small red cooler. In those two units is our "routine". If we did not eat breakfast, you will find our breakfast, our treats,bowls, bottled water, our  meds, a basic dinner that can be augmented with local fresh something or other, wipes, brushes, and of course extra harness and leashes. [we learned that things brake] and a flash drive with our medical info on it in the small first aid box. I forgot, Blue teddy comes with us too. I need him.

Getting my Teddy and getting ready to go!
Are you guys ready?

It is pretty basic, common sense stuff, but having it there makes our life easier.  In our case, JD is deathly intolerant of chicken and beef. So, it is not unusual for momma to have an emergency can of low sodium turkey. But really, she is pretty good at packing lamb chops that can be grilled quickly, [all parks have grills] frozen turkey meatballs that thaw nicely and baked sweet potatoes that are simply delish.

Turkey jerky travels well in the cooler, as does chevre which we all love. And here is the other part of safe travel.  Momma has no problem asking a restaurant to make something for us. Yea, we get the weird looks. So what. If we are at a seafood place, momma will ask for steamed plain crab. Butter on the side. It is delicious, safe, we love it and it is easy. Asking for plain steamed veggies like broccoli and carrots and cauliflower is simple. We do stay away from heavily sauced, buttered, sweetened... stuff.  And yes key to getting what you really want is to ask- ask-ask-ask many many questions. "We get our veggies in a pouch with seasonings..." means no veggies.  Yogurt. We find plain yogurt just about everywhere. [Except that store in Coinjock.... what was up with that?]

CALLING dibs on the right car seat

The thing that momma will not do is give into the moment and "try" something new.  Sorry, but NO. Too many consequences. She is generally horrified to see people give their dogs chunks of greasy BBQ pork off their sandwiches. These are  the same people who will complain that their dog does not travel well.  they get sick and vomit... DUHHHHHHH!

So, make it safe, invest a little time and thought in being prepared and make the trip a fun experience, for EVERYONE!

So to pack your Safe food kit, ask yourself what you feed your four legged, and ask yourself how well does it travel?  And... How do I make it safe for travel?

Waiting for our grilled din din.


Monday, July 28, 2014

Who are you calling a BOLO?

Relax, Wendy Pooh. It was not an insult.  You know how Hooooomans are. Some four leggeds are just so...sensitive.. and some two leggeds are so...
You are a beautiful girl and that two legged was not the brightest candle in the hannukia. {I have been wishing it was Hanukkah lately. I think I am craving corned beef. Momma, should you be putting up some corned beef? hmmm?}

Ok Wendy Pooh, let dissect what happened. Our Sunday was going very well.  We talked momma out of unpacking and we went off to our fav places. The pet store. Right?  You loved the live sushi bar. I loved too. I bet those little red glittery fishies taste just like spicy sardines! Do you think the yellow ones are mustardy?
 I just have never seen them serve all that sushi. It seems as if all they do is grow it in those water tanks. Strange, ha?  Thank dogness Hero down the street serves sushi, else I would be famished with a crazy craving.

Back to our Sunday.  We were visiting and meeting lots of new dogs, and some nice two leggeds.  We even met some cats. [Cooper you have a few doppelgangers!  I swear they looked like you. But the eyes. They were different Coop, yours are special.]

Anyway, there we were being oohed and ahhhed and petted and people were losing their minds over our fluffytude, when this little taco dog approached us and tried to chat us up.  Turned out he was a  long haired Chihuahua named "Jesus"... no I am not kidding.  If I had hands I would have gladly slapped this hooman, for that alone.  For so many reasons.
Then, this "dude"approched us, pointed to you and said:
"That's a BOLO.  I would know a BOLO anywhere."

Really dude?  You would? Sure about that?
Did you catch momma's eye roll?  It was EPIC.  It came with a frigid wave . I think she cooled the air around her by about 20 degrees. Good thing we are wearing fur 'cause we would have gotten frostbite.

BOLO is the wanna be hipster short for BOLOGNESE.  Not the sauce we love.Italian sauce. Mouth is watering, do we have any home made tagliatelle? Whaaaaaat?  It's not my fault.  I have great taste memory. The Bolognese breed is a cousin to the Bichon Frise with one tiny distinction. The Bolognese's hair flows in long, wavy locks. 

It was 90 + degrees yesterday.  Tons of hummiditty. [humidity] and we has walked by the spritzy fountains, remember? Remember how we all frizzed out?  Momma looked like a brown q tip. {Giggle}  Remember how she took out her hair brush, brushed us  all and the she brushed her own hair?

Well, that quick brush out just gave us all "waves".  He was NOT insulting you. More than likely he was trying to "impress" anyone listening with his parlance . "Bolo " is not an insult.  He picked you out because you have the most beautiful halo. Yea, girl, you do. I love the way it frames your face.

And, come on, how cool was momma's dismissive waive as she said in perfect Italian. "No, non e` Bolognese. E` Bichon Frise."  I bet he wished he never opened his mouth. Anyway, Wendy Pooh, you are beautiful and the dude was just a dude with a poor dog named Jesus.

Jesus help him.
that's all I am going to say.


Sunday, July 27, 2014

Black and White Sunday: The things you do for love....

Don't you dare judge me. It kept momma entertained. We had a huge thunderstorm..   And frankly I can rock any look. It did get old fast
But she will be taking me out today it will pay off.

What stooopid things do you do for the love of your hooman?



Saturday, July 26, 2014

Sepia Saturday... Falling in love

This is one of my favorite pictures. It was taken about an hour [37 minutes, actually... daddy timed it...] after momma and I met.   Yes, that many years ago. I was a puppy.  I was a smart puppy.
I saw momma, she saw me. I knew she was mine and she knew I was hers. Everything else did not matter. Logic?  Out the window. We were not going to part. EVAH!.

It was kismet, I felt at peace in her arms and she felt whole with me.
It was meant to be.

I did growl at first when she tried to pick me up. I had to. It is expected. Then I went up to her and as she held me we looked into each other's eyes and souls. She had me there. At first look.

Well momma, I know you feel the same way. You tell me ten thousand times a day that you love me.  I never got tired of hearing it and I love you too.

Looking back, it's funny how people remember our gotcha day. They say you never put me down and you carried me and you told everyone that I had a last name.  All I remember is feeling safe and happy and knowing I belonged to you and you belonged to me. I don't recall anyone else except for Dowi. I do recall her hair and her holding me and her telling me that I was part of a family.

The Adam was someone I met later. But he turned out to be awesome too!

You know what? I really don't recall my time before we met. I don't even want to. I am where I am supposed to be.

Dearest Silvie,

I went to White Dog Cottage to meet you because I was curious. They had named you Silvie. Obviously I had to meet you. After all, I am Silvie! Daddy and I "discussed" whether or not we should adopt you. He was very excited , I was very apprehensive.  I had JD and The Wendy and they were finally settled into a routine. I was worried that bringing you would upset that balance. But off we went.

The ride to White Dog Cottage felt soooooo long. When we finally got there, all the dogs greeted me because they know me as the cookie lady. You. You decided you did not need to meet me.  You ran in the bathroom and hid behind the toilet. You silly girl. And when I tried talking to you you showed me that adorable under-bite and gave me a growl. And what a cute, wonderful, delicious growl it was! Your lanky puppy body, awkward, tear stained little face sent my heart into a gallop and my mind into a tail spin. I saw all that you could be and I knew, right there and then I knew. We belonged together. I was not going to trust anyone else to take care of you. 

I picked you up. I kissed your face and your sweet paws. You nestled in my arms and that is when that picture was taken. The rest is history as they say. Not a day goes by that you do not surprise me. In case you ever wondered... My little shikourina, I love you.

Thank you Auntie Robin, how did you know?????

the momma.

Friday, July 25, 2014

So, what's the deal with picnics?

OK, I will tell it as it is.  I am NOT a fan of picnics. I do not like being hot. I do not like bugs, I do not like
the "humditty" [humidity], but most of all... I must have UPHOLSTERY and I must be afforded all the comforts befitting my station. I am a princess you know. I know I act all humble and that causes you to forget my true nature. I forgive you. BUT....please remember I am royalty. A fan, a spritzer, some cushions would not have killed you.

JD's biggest issue with picnics is that apparently THERE ARE NO MENUS to look at for a picnic! Whatever is slapped on that grill or snapped out of that tupperware is what you get. Can we say... "draconian"????  Look at the poor boy trying to comprehend these limitations!  We are used to menus. Some of us can't eat or won't eat... processed chemicals... I am just saying.

The Wendy will walk on anybody to avoid grass. Do you blame her? Would you want to walk on a toilet?
Would it be so totally out of the question for us to go back to the van, have daddy turn the air on and have our "picnic" in the comforts of the van? You know, soft upholstery, background music, A/C, and nice comfy pillows and... iced water?  You know,  like we are CIVILIZED!

WE can "socialize" for a bit after we eat.  But honestly, this whole picnic fascination is just incomprehensible to me. I am wearing a fur coat.  It is like 90 degrees, and... I am sorry, but when I am this uncomfortable, I am not going to be social.

Let's go home.  Might as well.  Hoomans.  They have such cacamemy ideas sometimes.

'vie , JD and The Wendy.... in FULL agreement

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