Friday, August 25, 2017

No the living AIN't easy!

It's summertime. And the song lies. The living ain't easy. It's hot and muggy and 

Big blue is the only way to go! And that solar fan is ehhh ok. I would like it better if it was a whole air conditioning unit with massive blowers. But then, I like it chilly. I am wearing my fluff you know.
The trick to survival is the ice cold water that daddy brings, and getting
some raspberry ices or frozen watermelon cubes or frozen blueberries!

The gel mats work well, but crazy Cos Cos, aka Cosmo, does not understand that you should lay down on the gel mat. He calls them paw freezers. Duh... try laying on them, they are so cooling. But no crazy Cos Cos must bark and jump and carry on like the fool he is until he sees a familiar face.

Apparently, momma is unfamiliar if her face is behind the camera. He is a "special" boy. 

Even in the shade it's hot.
We do make daddy cool the van and run the AC before we get in.
After all, why not use our technology to make life easier?

Do you have your hoomans all on the same temp scale? We have a hot one and a cold one at my house. Noooo, I am not going to tell which is which, but I like the hot one, because she is like me,  an AC lover. 

Did you know I have my own registers? I do! I have floor registers that are mine to lay on at any time. Love them. Personal weather zones.
I bet many hoomans wish they had one of those. 

The full length of their body.
Think about it.

I do.

It's good to be a Bichon, even when the living ain't easy.
All you need is staff. And if staff is a little neurotic, that's even better.

Oh, finally, the daddy is back. Now let's get going and drive our buggy somewhere fun! Do I smell BBQ?




bichonpawz said...

The temperature is regulated by us. THEY can put on a sweatshirt if need be. WE prefer it COOL! Personal registers are definitely the way to go!

silvieon4 said...

Zackly! I mean... they walk around hairless, what do they expect????