Saturday, August 5, 2017

It's MY birthday!!!!

It's my birthday!

I am lucky because it falls on a Saturday and that means a whole weekend of celebrating. As I predicted, I got groomed. Do I know momma or what? Her tolerance for messy post pool curls is like... non existent. Pool = bath and grooming.

I am quietly waiting for breakfast and then I am going to claim me a human and get a full two handed belly rub. It's my birthday. Trust me, nobody will say no to me. But then , when do they say no?

Momma does, but we know why. She has a little part of her that ... hmmm shall we say it outloud? Ok, she has a little part of her that is in arrested development... I would guess age two? Her- no- no- no- phase? I swear it comes out of her mouth almost automatically. Ask daddy, he will confirm that.

In any case, I will take full advantage of my day and squeeze every second of joy and fun that I can, because you know what? It's my birthday!

Hush. Cosmo is a busy buddy. I am not answering his off key chorus of how old are you. I am old enough to know better than to answer that inappropriate question. Boy you never ask a lady her age. Get some manners!

This is my Wendy. I love her to pieces. But we do have some philosophical difference. And this picture illustrates the core of our difference:

She is staring at daddy. She has that mix of adoration and "what can I do for you?" She asks for nothing. 

This is me. I am here to be loved, my thinking is "What can you do for me?"

I want my Wendy to feel as secure. It's not selfishness. It's knowing your worth!

I have been working on her self esteem for ever.  Why?  Because I love her. She is my Wendy.

Ohh got to go my breakfast is pret!



Rocky Carr said...

Happy birthday to my best girlfriend. I really hope your momma makes you completely happy today. Sending festive tailwags to you

Unknown said...

happy birthday yesterday to my most favorite bichon. so glad you're back. missed you terribly!