Tuesday, August 1, 2017

1...2...3.. testing testing testing...

Just trying to push momma into doing something with my blog. Something other than just staring at it. Hmmm.

She says she needs inspiration. I guess my rolling in the muck this morning and giving my butt a full mud bath was not "inspiring". It inspired me! I thought of it as the start to a spa day. She took it as a personal assault. We had words, she grabbed me and she washed my tush, which I loved. I always love that! So, yea for me, WINNING! She was not happy and mumbled about me trying to kill what is left of her arm. Drama...

But I digress. Back to my blog. Realistically it would be smart for momma to not start anything that she will not be able to do for a bit. She will be having some sort of blue stitches on her shoulder to fix her rotator cuff.

Don't bother, I sniffed, I see nothing, I have no clue, but she does live stream some pretty colorful lingo when she tries to lift her right arm. Honestly it's funny. She looks like one of those broken marionettes when the arm lift string is too loose. Know what I mean?

In any case, lemme push da woman along. Focus momma! I am so worth it. I will inspire you or I will lick your elbow. [She hates that] And while we are at it. How about charging the batteries on that fancy camera. I am worthy of that! Come on...

The fact that the woman has been broken for so long makes me thing human doctors are not very good. All she has to do is ask, I will set her up with my vet. He is great! I bet Dr R could fix her and she would stay fixed!

It's been a tough year. Almost 2 years? That long??? Wow! No more flood, no more mold,  no more intruders destroying our house. Yea the garage is still a nightmare, but the rest of the house is looking ok!

Time to move on!. Ok ok ok this is a start. Snuggle? I will settle for sharing cappuccino foam.



Two French Bulldogs said...

By the look of that face you are very inspiring
Lily & Edward

Unknown said...

Yea!!!! You're back! Rocky's tail is happy again.