Tuesday, March 23, 2010

new MORNING routine

Yes, it is them. Mr and Mrs Mallard. Brazen duckies. Momma opened the door and they came over! Well, of course, you know what follows next... Momma immediately went looking for appropriate duck breakfast fare. Croissant? Sweet roll? Ahh you prefer plain fougasse? Ok.

Mrs Mallard was very hungry. She overcame whatever fears she had to get some food.

Momma said she is "expecting". UPS? The guy in brown?? What is she expecting? Should she not be in the front yard? I mean those guys keep dropping off packages in the middle of the front yard! And why is she using our address??? Just when I was trying to get answers to my questions, momma told us that Mrs Mallard is going to have babies. Or eggs. I am confused. Eggs? You are making her eggs? Are you going to cheese and ham them???What kind of eggs? If you make the dipping kind I want dibs on the yolk!!!

You know, eggs for breakfast sounded good. Ewwwww... The story is... Mrs. Mallard is expecting eggs. She will be laying eggs which turn into baby ducks. I am lost. Who is getting the yolk?

Look I have not even had my coffee and you are delaying my morning constitutional to rattle my brain with eggs, ducks... and UPS???

I don't want to harsh any one's buzz, but... I need to tinkle. I need to out and I need breakfast.
You can deal with the feathery things at your own time!

can't cross my legs

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