Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Hellooooo MCFLY we need to go out!

We rang the bells like a zillion times! We NEED to go tinkle.... play with your new friends the mallards on your own time!!! We are doomed... she has her camera out.

You know, if I wasn't such a lady I would give her such a reality check, right here on her rug. I could make a real lake. Maybe her mallards would like that!

What is she saying? "IF' she lets us out we have to promise to be nice to the ducks??? OMG!
She has lost her ever loving... MY YARD, MY HOUSE... MY RULES. Now, let me out or I will puddle all over YOUR rugs!

Hey mommabovitz... Nowwww Let us out!!

Auntie Robin are you ok with this ???

I am not


Mommy, I'm Home said...

What? No doggie door, 'vie?????

silvieon4 said...

No, no doggy door. 3 Bichons + mud+ doggy door= one huge disaster!

Snow said...

did you get this?

Snow said...

OMG, that is so cute with the bells!!!

silvieon4 said...

We trained with bells. One jungle and the door gets opened. 2leggeds make great doorman... doorpeople?

rocky-dog said...

hmm, my mama made John put in a doggie door just for me to use. It really is helpful when mama is not paying attention (I honestly think she gets so engrossed in what she is doing she totally forgets the rest of us exist -- really now!). I think the only times mama regrets the door is when I hear something in the middle of the night and go charging out to chase the intruder away. Good luck with those ducks though -- yuck!


Snow said...

hey I just recieved a message that you got hacked on FB and then I was asked to be your friend... just checking if this is true or if it a virus???

rocky-dog said...

virus -- haven't been on facebook in a couple of days. mama is NOT happy!

Anonymous said...

Mac would never figure out the bell thing, but he did learn to use a doggy door at his friend Shamus' house!!!

rocky-dog said...

We just saw oscar on our way back in to work from getting some lunch. he seems to be getting a little better. he is not walking in circles so much and he gave mama some hand kisses. he sniffs politely and lets himself be sniffed in return. he still doesn't like leashes -- I guess we will have to have a heart to heart talk about the joy of walkies! Oscar's mama says he doesn't seem to understand there is a difference between inside and outside (I didn't want to tell her that is sometimes normal for some of us!)Mama says that Oscar's mama is taking things one day at a time and each day he seems to do well is a very good day indeed!

So how is it going with the ducks?

(who had to be a very good boy today because we not only had a photoshoot but we also had a whole class of third graders come to visit -- it's very tiring being a goodwill ambassador! people got a little upset at me when I was checking out the cello case -- I think someone thought I was going to pee on it! hmmmmph!)


silvieon4 said...

There was an attempted hacking on Facebook. Facebook disabled my old account. But I am now listed as Silvie Goldstein, under a new account. Rocky, I have not been able to locate you and there are .... 12 or so people with your mom's name. So, contact me!

We chose no doggy door because JD loves rolling in duck poop and then jumping on our bed. The bells work out very well and I have been trained to pay attention, even in my sleep!

Good to hear that Oscar is having better days. Tell his momma to invest in pee pads. :) or a belly band... or both.

Lucky you with all those kids! JD would have licked every little girl's face...he is weird that way!

silvieon4 said...


now fixed..... to this

whitedogresq said...

Hmmm, if you three need to go sooo badly, you know where your pee pee pad is!

You know I advocate lots of water and plenty of potty opportunities but I do NOT advocate scaring ducks and rolling in duck poopie!

I know your tricks you little munchkins!

Auntie Robin

silvieon4 said...

Drats. Auntie Robin is ratting us out...