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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Snack time at White DOG Cottage

That is what it looks like at snack time at White DOG Cottage. Yes, there are a lot of Bichons waiting for forever homes. And uncle Jack and auntie Robin sure put in a lot of work!

We visited yesterday and we have some great pictures to share.

But first, hey people, we need forever homes!!!



Mommy, I'm Home said...

Way too many Bichons who need homes...:(

silvieon4 said...

Even sadder... there is a waiting list of Bichons waiting to come into rescue and some of their circumstances are beyond belief. Our disposable mentality... The Bichon given as "gift" for Valentine's day is now in rescue, because... ??? Or people move and leave their bonded pair of Bichons in the empty house to die??? Or the 85 year old who bought the puppy, dies leaving the now 1 year old Bichon to???? We need less selfish and better representations of humanity. And then we at TBFR get screamed at a lot and called names because we screen potential adopters...sometimes, sometimes...

Tank said...

Some people are idiots and some are just heartless.
Thanks to Uncle Jack, Auntie Robin and everyone else who is trying to help homeless pups.

silvieon4 said...

And some people are heartless liars. You would not believe some of the "stories" they tell when abandoning a Bichon. Tank it's enough to make you crazy. Cherish your family, because they are special. Like mine. Neither of us lives in a garage, or is tied to a tree, or is subjected to abuse and or neglect. Too many others are. We need UNIFORM NATIONAL LEGISLATION outlawing all manners of animal abuse. We count.

Snow said...

I can foster one of them

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