Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The White Hat Luncheon Evidence

Evidence!  Just in from auntie Eleanora MCClenney

Have you noticed how momma is "conveniently" slacking off on taking pictures at the White Hat Lunches?  I am no dummy.
I know how the woman can't  cope with guilt. Heck, I have used that inability to my own advantage many times.

OMD!    Look at the size of those samniches!  You would think that we would have gotten some great doggy bags?  Right? But NOOOOOOOO... That woman we call momma got smoked fish.  I call that ashtray food. How mean was that? The only ashtray food I like is smoked gouda... with grannysmith apples, of course, I am civilized, after all.

What gets me is that daddy went with her and he did not bring back anything either.  Who are these people?  My formerly loving family would have remembered their 3 loyal babies and would have brought us something!  Anything! 

You know, I am beginning to feel they are taking us for granite. No I mean that.  GRANITE.  Not granted. Ya know... we are just there...I am just not feeling the love.

What do you mean food is NOT love?


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