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Friday, July 13, 2012

A step by step guide in how to "WORK IT"

Yea, yea yea... we got caught doing some landscaping...
The daddy went into lecture mode immediately... ehhh. Brace yourself, her it comes...
You notice, The Wendy quickly goes into her "Oh I am a little girl who got confused, I love you daddy, my ears are back, aren't I cute, hold me" mode. I am so proud of her. From her eyes, to her nose, to her tongue and tail, the girl is committed to her role. Mind you she was digging and burying.... Two rules were broken. Daddy went from "What are you doing?" to "baby, you know you are not supposed to diiiiggg, you are tooooo pretttyyyy to get soooo dirtyyyyy"
[Don'tcha think the tongue was a nice touch??? and that adoration pose... ohh she kills me...I had to bite my lip so hard not to laugh!] 
I can't do the Wendy thing.  It is just not me.  I talk back.  That's more me. I am telling him  that if he ever actually did any weeding, maybe we would not feel compelled to "landscape".
And I am reminding him of his reality.... Daddy, this all happened on YOUR watch and you are going to have to deal with the momma, so maybe, we should focus on clean up and making things OK before she gets here... I am just saying...

Finally he got it. Put the camera down, brush us out and get the broom out.

FOCUS daddy, I am trying to save your tush too...

and that my friends is HOW to WORK IT Bichon style,

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Tucker The Crestie said...

Great job, ladies!

Marshmallow said...

You and The Wendy are the perfect team! At our house, it's Ricotta who plays the "oops, I'm innocent, and I love you mama" card. I'm more like you, 'vie. We make the mess, the two-leggeds need to clean it up. That's why they have thumbs, right?

Two French Bulldogs said...

Those were great ideas on how to work it
Benny & Lily

NanaNor's said...

Too very cute girls! You sure know how to work an angle. Hunter has his own big pile of dirt to dig in, maybe you should have one too.
Happy Weekend.
Noreen & Hunter

silvieon4 said...

Nana, can you even imagine 3 white dogs in a pile of dirt??? Momma would be in a heap of apoplexy... hahahahahaha

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