Saturday, May 23, 2009

TOY box issues and such

I have 3 large toy boxes. One upstairs, one downstairs and one outside. The one outside has my pool toys and Frisbees and stuff I only see when I go out. The one upstairs is very big and the one downstairs is overstuffed. I like playing toy drop. It works like this. You stand on the top of the steps and drop the toys one at the time from the upstairs toy box to downstairs. I love making the landing a carpet of toys! But... that is a strange upsetting trigger for the 2leggeds. Something about danger and not fair and lots of angry sounds which make no sense. Momma asks me if I expect her to fly. ???? I don't. Can she fly??? What does that have to do with my carpet of toys?

With Adam I played "no you don't". He took the Wendy and the JD out to the back yard and left me inside. [ All this because I was busy when he called us. - I am soooo rolling my eyes and shaking my head] Well, what's a girl to do to make a point? For every minute I was waiting to go out I ... took out a toy or two.I guess it was a very long wait... because when he finally came in to get me...the toy box downstairs was empty and... I was heading upstairs. He was NOT happy. They are MY TOYS. I took them all out of my toy box. What was his problem????

Anyway, while he did help me put the stuff away, some toys... "escaped" our efforts. I am talking about you pink monkey....[ always a trouble giver that one...]

Two minutes into her homecoming and of course momma had to ask about the toys. Why pink monkey and ... OK... a... few others had "taken up residence" under the wing chair... [Momma is OCD about neatness. I am not sure what OCD is, but I hear she is]

Yes- I put the toys away. Momma "fixed" my efforts. [OCD]. She said toy salad looks messy.
Salad? Is that an insult? Oh boy.... humans... confusing and complicated.

BTW, Adam made a priceless face when he finally came and got me. He looked around and his mouth dropped open and his eyes got big and he could not speak. It was AWSOME!!!!

[mhhh note to moi. Do that again and see if you can duplicate reaction.]

I love toys!


bichonpawz said...

This was a great post and one I can relate to!! Chloe loves her toys and has several baskets strategically located throughout our house....but LadyBug doesn't know what to do with a toy....she must not have been taught as a puppy. No matter how hard we try, she just doesn't seem to understand that toys are FUN! We will keep trying.....Have a great weekend Silvie!! (and your two leggeds too!!)

rocky-dog said...

Silvie -- at least you can get to your toy boxes! Mama put one of mine up on CHAIR in the dining room so I can't even get to it -- she said something about it being a stuffie "hospital" until she can get all of my stuffies restuffed. So what's with that! And John-daddy got all hissie last night because I had a few stuffies laying around on the family room floor -- well okay maybe more than a few. But they leave their books and mail on the tables (yes mama I can see them) and they are okay with that, and the clothes on the floor of the laundry room (hmmpht, mama says that that's just sorted laundry waiting to be done -- looks like a couple of socks for me!)

We need to stick together and make a statement about toys and where they need to be. BTW, I liked your game of dropping them from the upstairs -- I have a straight shot from outside John-daddys office to the bottom stairs on the first floor. I wonder how many would pile up, hmmmm!

your paw-pal, Rocky-dog

silvieon4 said...

The Wendy has no idea toys are fun either. BUT... I get her to play tug of war. The restuffing and squeaker transplants are a weekly thing here. One thing. Never toss toys in toilets. I did that. I dropped my soft keys into the toilet. Well, major drama. Never saw the keys again. Laundry. I would love to play in a pile of laundry. OCD momma never gives me that opportunity. Yes, Rocky, toy boxes should be everywhere because we need toys everywhere. I even have a stash in each car!