Saturday, May 2, 2009

I need a polar bear

Because I am bored and I have to wait and wait and wait, I have been cruising the web.
This caught my attention: polar bear and dog.
Momma, I want a polar bear! I could play with one when you are busy. [like all the time, it seems...] I don't want or need the snow though. I don't like that stuff. But I have thought about it and I have a good solution for the bear! We have a pool, we could just throw ice cubes in it and the polar bear would be happy.

And, can you make sure that the polar bear likes to play?



bichonpawz said...

You are SO cute!! Hope you get your polar bear!!

silvieon4 said...

Me too, but at least today momma is free to play with me! She says polar bears would eat me and would eat my food. I will have to think about that....