Saturday, June 30, 2012

Treat alley

Nothing is free or easy at my house. Something about stimulating our brains...


That momma does not know the words to the song Summertime. You know... "when the living is easy..."  It is summer!  It is supposed to be easy living!!!!  She has to make it hard.

Rolling my beautiful eyes. Yes they are beautiful. Everybody says so.

Anywho, this is her "snack puzzle alley". Want a treat? Got to work for it. Drat.

The Wendy is the hardest working girl I know. Moi, I will not let them have the satisfaction. Puzzle this: treats come to me, NOT the other way around.I am Silvieon4,  I was rescued, I was meant for a better life!  What is this caca about having to work for something? Cuteness is my cache` by my Bichon birthright.  Read the rules lady, read the rules. {Ehm. They are written somewhere, right? They are codified, sealed, with Apostilles, witnessed and notarized, right... there are rules... there have to be rules...}


somebody please find a copy of dem rules.....vade mecum

on the verge of vanishing

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Anonymous said...

hi Silvieon4...just dropping by from the blog hop... yep, here in my place nothing is free, too...if you have puzzles to get your treat, i have to do some booty shake to get them...ahh humans are such complicated folks... anyway, have fun with the puzzles x0x0x Vanilla Bean