Wednesday, June 6, 2012

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 This from Recyclebank:

Rescue Group Recycles Vick’s Dog Hell Into Heaven

A different kind of recycling story.

Ready for some good news? Michael Vick’s Bad Newz Kennel property has been sold to an animal rights group that will turn it into a permanent sanctuary for abused dogs.
According to Dogster, the former Bad Newz Kennels, now notorious for the savagery inflicted on dogs by Vick and others, will become the new address of Dogs Deserve Better (DDB), a group that opposes all forms of abuse, including chaining and penning of dogs. What was once a house of terror will now be a place of freedom and love for abused dogs.

DDB has been searching for a facility to call their own since the group began its efforts to foster and re-home rescued dogs nine years ago. Through volunteers and foster placements, the group has rescued about 3,000 dogs to date. “Purchasing this property and in effect giving it back to the victims of the abuse that occurred here is a very powerful step for animal advocates and our country’s dogs alike,” says Tamira Thayne, founder and CEO of DDB. “We are sending a message to those who want to abuse and fight dogs that a new day is dawning in America, a day where dogs are treated with the love and respect they deserve as companions to humans.” Purchasing the house is also an important part of a longer range plan, says Thayne. The group plans to rescue 500 dogs by the end of the year. But Thayne also believes that dogs can better adjust to a loving home by being a part of one. The 4500 sq.ft brick home--and 15 acre grounds-- will certainly provide just the place for the rescued pups to begin rehab. The dogs who come to the DDB facility will get the love they need, and lots of room to run and play––and just be dogs.

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