Thursday, June 14, 2012

Odds and Ends and Prayers

New at the FDA:

Henry and his momma Sharon: we love you both and are sending you prayers and healing thoughts and have utmost faith in Dr N's incredible skills. This is just a bump and it will pass. We know that Henry is in the best possible hands.

We continue to send prayers for Mollie. Mollie, come on, honey, we need you well!

You know, sometimes all you can do is pray, so just do it.

And to Miss Syl. Charlie is now at the Bridge. He is out of pain, in peace and adjusting in his new role as angel in your life. Please celebrate his life, and find comfort in your memories.

The thing is, we are here for each other, and we support and care for each other.  That's what dog loyalty is about.


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NanaNor's said...

Hi Silvie, I wish I knew the details of these friends who need prayer-I would love to lift them up. Still will send up thoughts for them.
You are a great friend and we are lucky that you are here in blogland.
Happy Paws to you.
Noreen & Hunter