Thursday, June 21, 2012

White Hat Lunch

Yes, they were at it again... The White Hat Society... And I am sure there are more pictures, but this is what I found in momma's camera. I know that place! Been there many times. Momma always eats these tiny shell things there, but daddy gets us crab and we love that. And I have walked that beach many many times. Wonderful smells down there, but don't try and roll in the sand. Makes the two leggeds nuts. So why did momma only take close ups? No pictures of the table? She did not even picture everybody! She must be hiding something. Or she got lazy. In any case, auntie Robin looks great, and who is the dapper dude? Ohhhhhh Ms Janet, he is cute... Does he like little girl Bichons? Hey Timmy, just look at this and you will know where your momma was. Not to complain or anything, but my momma did not bring home any leftovers... 'vie


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Two French Bulldogs said...

Ute! We saw red hat lady's the other day
Benny & Lily