Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Open letter to Feather Ducklear and Bill Duckley

Just thought you should know that I overheard momma- The pool is getting the whole clean and open treatment... May I suggest that you take full advantage of the situation and truly camp out in our pool. Please feel free to use all the facilities and don't be shy. Please. I personally extend to you the olive branch and welcome you to lounge about in the pool 24/7.

I promise to leave you alone. I promise to get the Wendy and the JD to leave you alone. In fact, I will encourage momma to feed you.

I have given up any plans I had to fight you.

So, KINE-AHORA go to it. enjoy Club Casa.

In fact, invite some family, some friends.. Party up!


[JD - Have you lost your everloving??? Wendy- "Who dropped you on your head?" 'vie: " DUHHHHHH. You guys are soooo dumb. 1. They are opening the pool . 2. It is a salt water pool... 3. What does momma do before cooking poultry? She brines it! What is brine? Salt + water... Salty pool= salty water. 4. I want the stupid ducks fully brined and trusting before... I engage the plan. Get it now??? 5. You guys are just so so...." JD' " Kidlet you are evil, but in a great way!" 'vie "Snort... "


bichonpawz said...

hahahaahahahaha! Way to go 'vie!!! WHAT a plan!!! Somehow we just knew you had it all together.....xoxoxoxox from Chloe & LadyBug

Can't wait to see how THIS turns out!!

the booker man said...


rocky-dog said...

duck jerky -- yummmm


Mommy, I'm Home said...

Oh, you sneaky girl, 'vie...