Monday, April 26, 2010

Congrats Bentley!!!

Well well it is contagious. We hope. You know how at the Ziggy got new brother?

Guess who else got a new brother? Ami and Cherie now have Bentley as their new brother!!!
Ok. I am . A little bit. Jealous OK. You had to get it out of me... But did you see how handsome Bentley is? On the other hand, now Ami and Cherie are no longer competition if you know what I mean...

I am thrilled for Bentley and for his new family. They were so smart to see how special he is!!!
Doing the happy dance!


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Golden Samantha said...

Congrats to Bentley - yay for him and his furever family! And for you, of course - we're joining you in the happy dance!
Hugs xo