Thursday, April 22, 2010

From Auntie Robin aka FOOD POLICE

"Puppies tend to prefer whatever food they were fed after being weaned. In fact, many owners of new puppies complain that their new puppy will only eat the food they received from the breeder. Research proves that puppies fed a limited number of flavors during the first four to six months of life are less likely to accept new flavors later on.

....Because these flavor-deprived pups aren't used to new flavors contained in whole foods, they often prefer a series of ever-increasing fatty, sugary and high calorie diets during their life-time. Owners do this because of their perception of their dog's first bite and the desire to make their dog as happy as possible. While we certainly have happy dogs in terms of providing super-palatable foods, we are creating very unhappy and unhealthy dogs in the long run.

It simply doesn't make sense to start the cycle of a lifetime of pain, illness and expensive medical treatments for the less than sixty seconds of pleasure your dog derives from consuming a cup of dog food."

From "Chow Hounds" by Dr. Ernie Ward

Now that you know that sugar, salt and fat make your dog want to eat more than they require -- even when they are full, you need to read the labels of the dog foods and treats you give your dog.

From "Chow Hounds" by Dr. Ernie Ward
"Today's dogs get mainly dessert at every meal(and between) because we dog lovers can't bear the thought that our dog doesn't instantly devour the food we provide. If you see either sugar or fat in the top 10 ingredients, you'll know they (sugar and fat)are a major contributor to what you are feeding your dog...."

Is Sugar and Fat Lurking in Your Favorite Dog Food?
From "Chow Hounds":
Beneful Original Dry Dog Food -- Animal Fat 5th ingredient
Sugar: 9th ingredient

Iams ProActive Health chunks -- Chicken Fat 5th ingredient

Kibbles 'n Bits Original -- Animal Fat: 5th ingredient
Corn syrup: 6th ingredient

Ol' Roy Dinner Rounds Dog Food Corn Syrup: 5th ingrdient
Animal Fat: 8th ingredient

Pedigree Adult Complete Nutrition
for Dogs Animal Fat: 4th ingredient

Purina Dog Chow -- Animal Fat: 3rd ingredient

wondering when her fav lamb chops are coming under fire....

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