Thursday, April 1, 2010

April is National Stress Awareness Month

Come on, get in the spirit. Let me help you de-stress [April is tax month no? Ahh I see the connection...]Rub my belly. It's good for you. It will de-stress you.
Come on, I am doing this for you... You are lucky enough to have a de-stresser on the premises, now take advantage of it already!!!

Some 2 leggeds are infuriating.... Do your part!


It's National Stress Awareness Month!


the booker man said...

oooo, my mama wants to rub your tummy for sures! she is kinda stressy today.
the booker man

rocky-dog said...

mama is all hyper because she says she has sumthin called "month end" to do here at work and stuff is piling up from a lot of rental returns. plus mama has all these white costumes at home she keeps glaring at. my mama needs a big de-stressing. I keep rolling over and offering but she is ignoring me.


silvieon4 said...

Rocky, you must persevere. She needs a time out from the month end. She just does not know it. Cut a deal with her. Offer up the belly for just 5 minutes. But 5 full minutes of nothing but belly rubs. It for her own sake. My momma has what she calls holiday overload. Her 5 minutes saved her from meltdown.

Booker man, offer up your belly! Get her stress off of her!