Thursday, April 15, 2010

discussing the bash

The Wendy and I have been busy. You see the Tidewater Bichon Frise Bash is this weekend and we are going of course. So, while momma is busy baking and fussing and gathering things, the Wendy and I are planning and discussing.

First of all is the possibility that momma will put us in ridiculous clothing... This is a big one to overcome, so we are talking strategy. Passive resistance vs tearing the rags to shreds??

Second is how to handle this whole issue of momma's new diet obsession for us. I mean... really this is the BASH. It is an annual event. We think all rules MUST be suspended for the day.

Third. We will be seeing lots of old friends and meeting people. The Wendy and I deeply resent JD's carefree attitude. He jumps on just about any empty lap, forces a belly rub out of the human and then he moves on. We are embarrassed by his attitude. Lack of decorum. Any human. Show some discretion. Yes, of course his come back is always the same... "These are rescuers, what would I have to fear?" The problem is ... he acts as if this accepted behavior. From a rescued dog point of view... I will not appreciate you- stranger dog- jumping on MY master's lap to get a belly rub. JD just does not get it... SO we have to come up with a viable plan to stop Mr McNeedy from his belly rub pursuit and teach him dog manners... [Old dog new tricks... ehm]

Fourth. The Phil is NOT coming. Oh well. The nonna is. The Dowi is. Phil YOUR loss.

Fifth. LIVER LIPS SALE. I am working on an angle. I think I can talk daddy into a few bags. Dowi into a few bags and maybe nonna. Momma.... deaf to my pleas.

Sixth... Tootsie, JD has a theng for you, you should know.

Seventh. We have to strategize to deal with the"puppy factor".The Rosie, Yuki-Connor issue.
The last thing we want is for somebody to fall in love with one of those three and forget we exist.
While Wendy wants to do the mothering bit... I am a firm believer of territorial imperative. MY family MY rules.

Eighth. Uncle Jack. I need to have him to myself for about 10 minutes... How do I make that happen??
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Ninth. The pictures- evidence issue.... While pictures are being taken [evidence is being made] so one of us has to be on lookout... You know... evidence is forever.

Tenth. Who will be my lap pillow??? You know I don't do non upholstery. I prefer a human lap to anything and no... I do not do grass. So I am working hard...

So much at stake. But hey IT IS THE BASH!! Oh for you humans... that cheesecake+strudel+cinnamon danish thing, momma calls manage a trois... momma made a huge amount of that, so... get ready!

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Unknown said...

I agree with you, a bash is a BASH and all rules must be put on hold. Have a wonderful time!

silvieon4 said...

Thank you!! I absolutely agree.

Mommy, I'm Home said...

Make sure you share ALL those pictures, 'vie -- even the incriminating ones. Chica and I like to live vicariously through you and your momma.

bichonpawz said...

This is really exciting news!!! We are looking forward to seeing ALL the pictures and hearing about all that went on at the Bash! I, Chloe, have been to one of a puppy! I was very afraid and pretty much stayed on mom's lap for the whole day...but it sure was fun to see all those white fluffer butts!! Have a great time!!! XOXO Oh....and I agree....NO calorie counting at bashes!!

Marshmallow said...

I don't understand why you need to count calories; you have a perfect figure! Have fun at the bash and party your fluffy tail off! Our bash (Capitol bash) is in September and I can't wait! I love, love, LOVE a good party!