Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Bichon Bash 2010

The Bash was SO much fun!!!!

I made a little slideshow so you can see all my friends. (It starts with my 4legged friends, then gets to pics of them with their 2legged families.) You'll notice that my friends are very cute.

If you want to take a closer look at the pictures, just click here!

air conditioning rules,


bichonpawz said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE all these pics!!! I so miss going to the Bash!!! We really hope to go in July. The Dad is calling so we can't look too much right now....back later!

Anonymous said...

Hi Silvie on 4! We love the pictures. So sorry to have missed the Bash yesterday. Thanks for sharing the wonderful memories with us. See you next year. Your friends Tootsie & Teddie

rocky-dog said...

Thanks for sharing Silvie -- lot's of handsome 4leggeds at the bash (and some nice looking 2leggeds too!).


Mommy, I'm Home said...

Oh, Silvie, thank you so much for posting the bash pics. They brought a much-needed smile. Chica and I are living vicariously through you this weekend!

Mommy, I'm Home said...

Oh, and we almost forgot ... LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your dress, 'vie!

bichonpawz said...

Your dress is fabulous 'vie!! There were some pretty cute little outfits there...yes?? Looks like a good turnout and everyone seemed to be having a great time. How can you are at a BASH for heaven's sake!!

silvieon4 said...

I have more pics to post, but momma has been too busy to process the raw files. But I will post, I promise!

kissa-bull said...

so much funners
can we come next time??
we like to pawty too

pibble sugars and wee wiggles
the pittie pack